Ateliers Fourwinds Aureille
Artists Inspired by ProvenceInspire

Ateliers Fourwinds Breathing New Artistic Energy in Aureille

At first glance, one might think nothing much has changed at Ateliers Fourwinds since my last visit four years ago. Which, is exactly what the new partners want for this artistic workshop (atelier) space with its natural vistas of the Alpilles. Their desire was to breathe new artistic energy into this …

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Provence Painting Sessions Duncan Barker Uzes
Artists Inspired by ProvenceInspire

Provence Painting Sessions Capturing the Scenes on Canvas

As a painter in the South of France, you rarely feel alone. There are reminders everywhere of those who have gone before – of Cézanne in the countryside around Aix and of Gauguin and Van Gogh in Arles and Saint-Rémy. But not all these impressions are specific to a place. …

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Painting Uzes Place aux Herbes #Uzes #PlaceauxHerbes @dgnbarker
Artists Inspired by ProvenceInspire

Painting Uzès

I’ve been thinking a lot about Uzès recently – walking, looking, taking photographs and looking at photographs. But there’s been more time spent staring at canvases on which I’ve tried to capture something of the essence of the town. From my studio I can see the Duché, the cathedral and …

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Barbara painting @BarbaraPitcher
Artists Inspired by ProvenceCarolyne Kauser-AbbottInspire

Barbara Pitcher Paints her Provence World

Barbara Pitcher is a talented lady who can switch from fluent English to French to Italian to Spanish in the same sentence. As I discovered not only is Barbara linguistically gifted, she graduated from the University of Toronto in French and Italian language and literature, but she is also a …

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AixcentricArtists Inspired by ProvenceInspire

Painting Classes – Les Milles and Marseille

By aixcentric If you fancy giving your painting skills a boost, I can recommend from personal experience the Atelier Ombres et Lumieres in Les Milles. Owner and artist Muriel Moutel will be teaching one-week courses during July, for adults and ados. Muriel encourages her classes to start with interesting backgrounds …

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