Cream of Shrimp Soup Velouté de Crevettes
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Cream of Shrimp Soup My Velouté de Crevettes Recipe

I always think of cream soup as being one of the most elegant starters for a special meal. However, cream soups can be a little tricky to perfect. Getting today’s soup just right has taken me a few tries. Checking many sources and heeding their advice, rice was used as …

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Zarzula Catalan Fish Stew
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Zarzuela Fish Stew is the Catalan Version of Bouillabaisse

Similar to Marseille’s bouillabaisse, Zarzuela from Catalan is hard to pin into a category it’s either a hearty soup or a stew with a tasty broth. And with both soup/stews, there are endless different recipes. The following recipe for Zarzuela Fish Stew comes from Emma Kershaw’s Taste of le Sud …

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Fish Fennel Chowder Soup
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Fish and Fennel Chowder Soup

In Provence, with ready access to fresh seafood use cod (cabillaud) or sea-bream (daurade). We decided to serve this fish and fennel chowder around our outdoor fireplace enjoying an al fresco dinner with friends.

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Marseille Fish Soup Poissons
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Marseille Fish Soup – Soupe de Poisson

Marseille Fish Soup – Soupe de Poissons You will want to make a big batch and freeze what you don’t eat. Making fish soup at home can be a very messy, labor-intensive process.

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Best Fish Soup bouillabaisse Chez Fonfon
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Sete or Marseille Find Out Which One Has the Best Fish Soup

While we’re on the subject of Sete from our recent train-from-Barcelona post, there’s a question that fish soup lovers who visit the South of France want to know. What’s the difference between Marseilles’ bouillabaisse and Sete’s fish soup? Which town has the best fish soup? Leave it to Nancy McGee …

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Bouillabaisse Marseille Provence
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Marseille Bouillabaisse a Provencal Classic

What is your favourite fish soup? Residents of Marseille are adamant that French fishermen eked basic sustenance from their unsightly leftover fish bits concocted this fish broth/soup/stew on the shores of the now sprawling metropolis. The name for this dish is derived from two actions bouillir (to boil) and abaisser …

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