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Photographing Mont Sainte-Victoire the Sacred Mountain

Artists and the Sacred Mountain

Mont Sainte-Victoire was a recurring subject in Paul Cézanne’s paintings. The painter born in Aix-en-Provence completed over 30 canvases, in oil and watercolour, of the mountain situated to the east of the city.

On the other hand, Pablo Picasso chose to not paint “Cézanne’s Mountain” out of respect for the grand master’s work. With the breathtaking view of the massif from his property, the Château de Vauvenargues, the mountain must have taunted Picasso.

Contemporary artist Fabienne Verdier recently produced a series of striking, large-format paintings for a solo exhibit in 2019 at the Musée Granet “Sur les terres de Cézanne.”

Talented Aix-en-Provence photographer Camille Moirenc compiled 49 of his photos in a series called “Sacrée Montagne – Mouvances et Permanence” – Sacred Mountain – Movements and Permanence. Some of Moirenc’s photos of Mont Sainte-Victoire date from as early as 2004, but the majority are more recent, taken in 2020 and 2021.

Sacree Montagne Mont Sainte Victoire Photo Exhibit

What is the Attraction?

“I have always seen the mountain. And since I opened my eyes. It is part of the everyday decor here, so much so that it is easy to forget. And yet, when we look at it in the landscape, what a contrast. We wonder how this massif with the old limestone skin, all wrinkled and white, was willing to land there. Discreet, as well as benevolent, she displays her Aix profile in the form of a triangle … a divine proportion that always inspires those who rub shoulders with it … tirelessly. For some time now, I have paid the mountain particular attention. I scrutinize it, explore it, study it, feel it. Then, according to its moods, its lights, it reveals itself differently to the eyes. So I give you mine, as well as my intimate dialogue with this sacred mountain. Movement and permanence. Rhapsodies Saintes-Victoriennes. “~ Camille Moirenc (2021) -Translated into English.

Mont Sainte Victoire Sunset Camille MOIRENC

©Camille Moirenc

Your Favourite Photo

Choosing a single photo of the Sacred Mountain is difficult. However, my top pick is the following image: the rising sun on the mountain while the countryside remains shaded and under a light frost.

Mont Sainte-Victoire Sacred Mountain Sacree Montagne Photos

©Camille Moirenc

Master Photographer

Camille Moirenc is both a photographer and an artist. With his camera and creative talent, he unveils the stunning landscapes of the South of France and beyond. Born in 1966 in Aix en Provence, Moirenc is connected to the region. Over three decades of travel throughout Provence and the Côte d’Azur have resulted in an extensive collection of images of the vast region. From mountains to the Mediterranean, the Rhône to the Riviera Camille Moirenc draws inspiration from the area.

Moirenc has published over a dozen published photo books covering topics such as “Incomparable Corsica,” “Aix-en-Provence the city of art and water,” and “A Day in Lyon.” Additionally, public exhibitions of Moirenc’s work include Les 438 Km du Littoral des Bouches du Rhone with 834 images of the coastline (Marseille 2018) and Faces of the Rhône displayed on the gates of the Jardin du Luxembourg (Paris 2021).

Visiting the Gallery

Situated in the old section of Aix-en-Provence, La Gallery opened in 2011, and it serves multiple purposes as a boutique, exhibition space, and office. Three display spaces highlight Camille Moirenc’s diverse photography talent, including gastronomy, nature, art de vivre, and industrial settings.

La Gallery Aix Camille Moirenc

©Camille Moirenc

La Gallery (website)
15 rue Van Loo
13100, Aix en Provence
Tel: +33 (0) 09 51 714 756

Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday 10h – 18h
Saturday 10h – 13h during peak season
Sunday by appointment only

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