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Monaco Grand Prix 2019 Amber Lounge Excitement

By Access Riviera:

Amber Lounge Monaco’s events are the highlight of the social calendar during the legendary Monaco Grand Prix.

In 2019, Amber Lounge will host VIP race viewing and celebrity yachts, a one-of-a-kind F1™ Driver Fashion Show, fine dining, live Charity Auction, and three nights of euphoric after parties with unforgettable live entertainment.

The most exhilarating experience into the glamour and excitement of Formula 1’s most anticipated Grand Prix.

Here’s a glimpse of the scene:

…Continue reading here for Formula 1 Grand Prix de Monaco 2019 details and the star-studded events at the Amber Lounge in this contributor post by Access Riviera. Her article includes details on tickets, special packages, parties and even the Amber Celebrity Yacht.

The event dates for the 77th edition of the Monaco Grand Prix are May 23-26 for qualifying rounds and race day. In 2011, Ginger ticked a box on his bucket list with a visit to the Monaco Grand Prix and the Amber Lounge. (His race debrief is summarized below – click here for full details.)

Monaco Grand Prix Skills Test

Twenty-three Formula 1 cars, 800 horsepower V-8 engines spooling, it’s the start of the Monaco Grand Prix. Deafening! Full ear protection is essential. Within the confines of the city of Monte Carlo, the towering hills a natural amphitheatre, magnify the sound of the race circuit. The idiosyncrasies of the Monaco Grand Prix circuit truly test drivers’ skills. Cars come to a virtual standstill on some hairpin corners, head through a tunnel and then accelerate to breakneck speeds on the straightaways. If a Formula 1 race were to be proposed in Monaco today, it would be considered unsafe. Former world champion driver Nelson Piquet described driving in Monaco as, “like trying to cycle round your living room.”

Pole position in Monaco is critical, as a lead at the start provides a distinct advantage due to limited passing opportunities. During the qualifying rounds, drivers push their boundaries to obtain the coveted pole position for Sunday’s race.

Excitement builds over the course of the triple knockout rounds, three 15-minute races where drivers pursue the fastest time. All cars participate in the first round, the quickest 15 cars proceed to the second round, and the top 10 make the final heat.

Historical Race

Modern Formula 1 car racing began in 1950 when standardized rules and cars were introduced. The original Formula 1 race series had seven stops; Britain, France, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, Indianapolis and Monaco. The 2011 edition of the Monaco Grand Prix, the 69th running of the race, included 78 tours of the 3.34km race-course through the streets of Monte Carlo.

In Monaco, track corners have their own names, such as Tabac, Louis Chiron, and Piscine. Many car aficionados only know the course by the names of the corners. Torrid action usually takes place at Sainte Devote, the turn located before the long uphill straightaway towards the Casino. This corner is named after the small church dedicated to a Christian martyr from the 4th century, who was thought to have protected the Monegasque locals from invasion for centuries.

Race Week Bar Scene

Race week in Monaco, means exploring the city’s nightlife. Going out on the town requires appropriate transportation; Ferraris, Aston Martins, and Lamborghinis are commonplace. This event in Monaco is hot on the heels of the Cannes Film Festival. It’s another chance for fashionistas and models in designer outfits and stilettos, grace the choice establishments.

Late night Monaco is a perfect runway for race week attendees to strut their stuff. Essential, to the experience is access to the Sunday night party at the Amber Lounge. THE place where drivers and their entourages celebrate the achievements or drown their sorrows.



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