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The Legend of Roussillon – a tale of illicit love and a tragic end! 

Yesterday morning I cycled up to Roussillon for the weekly market and to sit on the wall enjoying the view and the vivid colours of the Ochre cliffs that define the village.

When I arrived it was lovely & quiet and I popped into the boulangerie to buy breakfast, where I ended up chatting to a couple of ladies about a large group of students, walking around the village apparently carrying out a survey, wondering what they may be asking.

…Continue reading here to find out about the legend of how the cliffs in Roussillon got their ochre colouring. An ancient tale of love and tragedy. But, is it true?

More About Magical Roussillon

Don’t miss the Orche Trail (Le Sentier des Ocres) –  Actually, two trails of different lengths (30 or 60-minutes). Once you have paid the entry fee you can stay as long as you like. Information signs along the route describe the geology and the history of the ochre deposits in the Luberon.

Mathieu Plant is a former ochre factory, now known as Conservatoire des Ocres et de la Couleur, a not-for-profit co-operative called ôkhra (the Greek word for ochre). It is possible to arrange for a private (or group) tour or to participate in a number of workshops.

Mines de Bruoux – a unique journey underground to visit the galleries (15m high) of the old mining operation.

Roussillon Ochre and The Magical Colors of the Luberon

Roussillon the Most Colorful Village in the Luberon

Roussillon: Everything about the Ochres

Roussillon – A Very Colorful Day in Provence


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Julie Whitmarsh

Julie and her husband Andy started visiting the Vaucluse area 25 years ago & over the years have increased the amount of time they spend there with their growing family. She has a deep affection for the area, finding it is a great place to visit, where the whole family can relax and enjoy time together.

She longs for the day when she can ‘up-sticks’ from her home on Dartmoor & relocate to the Luberon and spend her days cycling, walking, visiting markets & brocante fairs and of course enjoying the local food and drink.

Her blog VaucluseDreamer gives her a space to highlight some of her favourite things about the area from places to visit to particular activities that she and her family all enjoy.

She hopes one day it will be a place where she can share the process of renovating a house in France, but at the moment that will have to wait.

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