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Learning Photography in Provence Join Raina Stinson

In Provence, dreams can come true.

Raina Stinson’s move to France in February 2018 was brave. She was on her own and spoke limited French. Nonetheless, Raina was pursuing her goal of becoming a full-time photographer, a vision she had since she was 18. Today, Raina is a professional photographer offering guided tours in Provence focusing on image composition and skills improvement. In addition, she is a French resident after passing the language requirement!

If you are considering a photography workshop while exploring Provence, allow Raina Stinson to curate your experience with short sessions and multi-day adventures.

Photo Workshops in Provence

“Creating beautiful and personalized memories of Provence.”

Photo Day in Provence

Who is Raina?

Raina Stinson does not regret her career path, but after 34 years as a nurse, she decided to retire and focus on photography. Although it seems like a complete shift, Raina has been an avid photographer since she was 13, when she received her first film camera. She studied photography and darkroom processing in high school and university, where she took photographs for the paper and yearbook. Raina followed a nursing career path until 2010, when she started transitioning to becoming a full-time photographer. Creative, playful, and intended to stimulate conversation, Raina’s portrait work was selected for several exhibitions in the United States and internationally. In addition, she won prestigious awards, including the Julia Margaret Cameron Award for Women Photographers, two bronze awards, one Honorable Mention in the Prix de la Photographie Paris Competition and a first-place image from LensCulture Exposure Awards. Look at the complete list of awards and exhibitions she has received here.

Raina Stinson Photographer

Most people avoid moving as there is nothing fun about the process. So, when Raina Stinson moved to France from Oregon in her late 50s, recently retired and living off her 401K, it was a giant leap. Raina felt at home on her first visit to France in 2014 for a photography exhibition. However, living in Provence was about to test her stamina. In five years, Raina has moved three times. Each rental experience challenged her staying power with leaky roofs, no insulation, and rustic spaces. However, Raina remained steadfast despite the “speed bumps” and isolation during Covid. Raina’s outlook speaks to her faith that Provence was a healing adventure, and she was willing to put up with anything to live in France and pursue photography as a career.

Portrait Photography Raina Stinson

When Raina moved to France, she consciously decided to participate in the local community, make friends with long-time residents and improve her French. Her workshops and private tours reflect this same philosophy. Raina wants her clients to feel the essence of Provence while exploring quieter areas and delightful secret corners.

Learning Photography in Provence

Learning Photography in Provence

Discover the stone facades, bright shutters, ancient ramparts, and unspoilt vistas. While searching the region for unique photoshoot locations for her fine art portfolio, Raina formulated the pieces for photo workshops. Whether you join a multi-day tour or schedule a single-day session, there is no requirement to have fancy camera gear; a smartphone will do. Raina’s coaching focuses on how to view light, compose an image and storytelling. She enjoys revealing Provence’s hidden treasures and natural settings and teaching different ways to capture experiences in pictures.

Contemplating Photography in Provence

Are you hoping to improve your photography skills? Raina offers private tours (up to six people) tailored to your experience level and equipment. Choose from a half or full-day and allow Raina to teach you new photography skills. Given the practicality of smartphones, Raina offers specific sessions using only handheld devices.

Contemplating Photography in Provence

With her certified spiritual and energy healer background, Raina understands the benefits of meditation and breathing techniques to steady the mind. She brings this methodology to her approach to photography and teaching. Raina nudges her students to be present when looking at a scene, be mindful of light, and understand the play of shadows and how specific details change an image.

Learning Photography in Provence

Portraits in Provence

Book a portrait session with Raina if you are looking for a special keepsake from your trip to Provence. These photos will become a lasting memory of your time in the South of France. Like an art director, Raina’s warm personality allows clients to relax in front of the camera as she creates images that reflect the individual. In addition, Raina weaves storytelling into her portrait work, creating authentic and imaginary scenes and resulting in thought-provoking photos.

Village in Provence Learning Photography with Raina Stinson

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Fine art Photography in Provence Learning

Image credits: All photos were provided and published with Raina Stinson Photography’s permission.


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