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Treasures of the French Riviera: Musée National Marc Chagall

Situated on the southeast coast of the French Riviera, Nice, France hardly needs an introduction as one of the most beautiful and sophisticated regions in the world. Nice is the second-largest city in the Provence-Alpes Cote d’Azur – often referred to as the Queen of the French Riviera. Whether you call it the Côte d’Azur or the French Riviera, this is a prime location for discovering historical art and cultural highlights.

Artistic treasures and gems are bountiful in Nice. Many are discreetly tucked away in peaceful gardens, up craggy hillsides, and even atop ancient ruins. Others scattered along the Mediterranean seascape. One remarkable treasure, perched high above Nice is Cimiez Hill.  From this extraordinary vantage point, Nice offers cityscape views where the azure Mediterranean Sea beckons you to explore more of the jewels in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur province.

cityscape of Nice, France

At the foot of Cimiez Hill is the Musée National Marc Chagall, opening its doors to honor the talents and philanthropic generosity of this great Franco-Russian artist.  It is an extraordinary art museum that is the benefactor of the largest public collection of Chagall’s works, including seventeen masterpieces entitled, The Biblical Message.  In 1966, Marc Chagall originally donated the Biblical Message series to the French State, first being exhibited at the Louvre in Paris, and eventually making its permanent home in the upper-class neighbourhood on Cimiez Hill in Nice.

Musée National Marc Chagall Biblical Message Series

Biblical Message Series

With the collaboration of Marc Chagall, the museum’s architectural design includes a large airy, polygon-shaped room, which exhibits the first of twelve biblical message interpretations – all edifying the first two books of the Old Testament: Genesis and Exodus.  The remaining five wall-size paintings – The Song of Songs explodes in fiery reds, telling the story of Solomon. All seventeen masterpieces render powerful spiritual and religious stories all told through Marc Chagall’s artistic colour, passion, and whimsical symbols.

Musée National Marc Chagall Song of Songs IV

Song of Songs IV

The Musée Marc Chagall is a must-see with its peaceful and light-filled environment, and enriching art, all defined by his own imaginative style. The Musée contains decades of Chagall’s artistic career as he continued to work up to his death on March 28, 1985, in nearby Saint-Paul-de-Vence, France where he is buried.

The French Riviera is just waiting for you to amble through its winding hillsides, discover small villages, and climb its hilltops to discover a treasure-trove of artistic treasures.

Museum Access Details

Musée National Marc Chagall (website)
36 Avenue Dr Ménard,
06000 Nice, France
Tel: +33 (0)4 93 53 87 20
Transportation: Bus #15 or #22/ 1.50€
Entrance fee: 10€
Closed Tuesdays

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