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Evening Ambience at Its Best at la Terrasse in Joucas

Exciting news! Bistrot la Terrasse, located in the peaceful, charming village of Joucas in the Luberon, is once again open in the evenings for dinner. This is truly an enchanting spot to watch the sun set over the Luberon valley with the red hue of Roussillon in the distance.

Original article on Cobblestones and Vineyards Cheryl’s photos of their delicious meal at La Terrasse and the pretty village of Joucas. Add this bistro to your list of “must try” restaurants in the Luberon.

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Cheryl Shufflebotham

Cheryl Shufflebotham

Although, Cheryl and her husband live in upstate New York, she tells us that she is always yearning, planning, maneuvering to make her way back to France.

Cheryl's love for France started almost eleven years ago with "a once in a lifetime" ten-year anniversary trip. These wannabe expats have been back every year since that trip!

Cheryl's first French love is the region of Burgundy, but then a few years ago, she discovered Provence. Now she admits that she is torn between Burgundy and Provence. It sounds like Provence has her spellbound, "I can’t quite put a finger on what it is about Provence, but its intoxication keeps luring me back for more."

Cheryl started her blog Cobblestone and Vineyards to explore the simple charms of France, those small details that capture the heart.

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