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Eclats…Abstract Photography at Aix Tourist Office

By aixcentric ‘Eclats’…translates as glitter, sparkle, brilliance, radiance, and so a good name for this unusual photographic exhibition by a Puyricard-based group. It’s unusual because they have taken the works of Cézanne and used them as a starting point for abstract photos: for instance, they have isolated the brush-strokes making …

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Queen Yolande
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Meeting Good King René’s Mum

By aixcentric Rubbing shoulders with royalty last evening…but actually to find out more about Queen Yolande, the subject of a book and talk by HRH Princess Michael of Kent. Born in 1380 to the king of Aragon, Yolande was married to the Louis II of the house of Anjou, and …

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Rose in Provence Provence Wines Perfectly Provence
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Introducing Perfectly Provence a Unique Digital Magazine

Provence captures people with its amazing charms, and hidden adventures as soon as they arrive in this magical region of southern France. This is just the kind of place where you are not sure how the transformation happened, but all of a sudden you are a fan. Explore – Taste – …

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Roman Aix-en-Provence
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Spotlight on Roman Aix

By aixcentric Virtually every time there are ‘travaux‘ in Aix, the archaeologists who precede the bulldozers unearth Roman pottery, statues, funeral urns, drainage systems and stretches of road. Over the years there have been small displays, but the next exhibition at the Granet Explore this Post Via:: Aixcentric       

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Fete de la Courge
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Fete de la Courge

By aixcentric Next weekend (11th and 12th October) sees the annual Fete de la Courge in Rians in the Var, and it is one of my favourite village festivals: mainly as it is so very un-English. It is an excellent opportunity to see a work-a-day Provencal village, totally non-touristy, celebrating …

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Apero Arty in Aix-en-Provence

By aixcentric Wowsers! What a great painting. I’ve never heard of James Cochran but can’t wait to get myself along to La Galerie Maison Dauphine to see this new expo, ‘Au Coeur de la Rue’. Tucked away in the Quartier Mazarin, this is an innovative gallery which has been bringing …

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Canal L’isle Sur la Sorgue Provence @Bfblogger2013
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A Sunday in Provence: L’isle Sur la Sorgue

L’Isle Sur la Sorgue is now one of my “best favorite places”to visit and to show off to guests who want to wander through Provence Explore this Post

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Feria du Riz in Arles Provence
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Arles’ Feria du Riz: Bullfights and Fanfare

I’m deliberately attending as many types of events that feature bulls as the main attraction as possible. It’s becoming an obsession. Explore this Post  

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Provence Mysterious Photography
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Provencal Mysteries Unveiled in Provence Mysterious

Provencal postcards are dominated by fields of purple-lavender rows, stoic sunflowers against cobalt-sky backdrops, gnarled grapevines burdened with ripening fruit and endless groves of olive trees. It is highly unlikely that demons, demigods, bat caves and sorcery are images that pop into your mind when a friend says they are going to …

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