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Deviation: Language Barrier Ahead

Contributor blog post by Deborah Bine: The Barefoot Blogger is still not learning French. Although I have at least three online courses and two books on French open at any time, it’s just not sinking it. Well, maybe a little. Now I’m beginning to think that, perhaps, I understand some …

French Schooling Expat Cotingnac Provence @MirabeauWine
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Schooling my kids in France 6 years and counting

Contributor blog post by Jeany Cronk @Mirabeau Wine We arrived in Cotignac 6 years ago in order to start a new life working in the world of wine and living and breathing our new home in Provence. Our two older children had been educated in English schools and only mastered …

rugby world cup 2015 @rugbyworldcup #RWC2015
Expat Living and Real EstateRebecca Whitlocke

An expat’s rugby dilemma in France

Contributor blog post by Access Riviera: It seems only fitting that my third contribution to All About France blog link up deserves a post dedicated to rugby with the current Rugby World Cup 2015 happening right now until 31 October 2015. If you love rugby (like me!) then read on. …

146 useful French words related to social media via @AccessRiviera
Learning FrenchRebecca Whitlocke

146 useful French words related to social media

Contributor blog post by Access Riviera: As an active blogger, copy writer and advocate of social media I’m always a bit dubious whether my responses to French companies – especially on Twitter – are grammatically correct. I never have to worry again as recently someone pointed me in the direction …

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English-Speaking Cancer Support in France

Contributor blog post by Julie Mautner: The folks at Cancer Support France have just launched a new association serving the Vaucluse, the Bouches du Rhône and the Gard departments of Southern France…and they’ve asked me to spread the word. CSF supports all English speakers in France who are affected (directly …

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French: One Language Divided by Two Lingos

Contributor blog post by Jemma: Christelle backed her taxi into Bellevue’s courtyard the other morning and popped out with a bright smile and breezy bonjour. She is, quite blatantly, anything but the typical French taxi driver who lashed out across the international headlines last month. Equally striking is Christelle’s dress …

Alps meet Mediterranean #Provence via @FibiTee
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Expat farewells

Contributor blog post by Phoebe Thomas It’s no secret, I love living where I live.  I’ve lived a nomadic life moving country 9 times though sometimes all those other countries seem a very long time ago as I’ve now been in France for nearly 18 years.  But even within France …

Expats in France
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Calling All New and Recent Expats in France

Contributor blog post by Julie Mautner: The other day I got an email from Joe Pinzone, who’s casting an international travel show about moving abroad that will air in more than 100 countries. Joe writes: “We’d love to film in France and we’d love to find English-speaking expats who’ve moved …

Le Duché d'Uzès Uzes @bfblogger2015
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Back to Uzes and Breaking All The Rules

By Deborah Bine There are times when the Barefoot Blogger thinks she’s a seasoned international traveler. This trip back to France, however, I broke all the rules. Rule #1 – Wear dark clothes to travel Khaki traveling pants Murphy’s Law says that if you’re traveling, and you eat or drink …

Rebecca Ronane @RebeccaRONANE
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Rebecca Ronane Coaching Women in Provence

Rebecca Ronane has looked “reinvention” in the face more than once in her lifetime. She has had to refocus her career goals several times; from a one-time dream of acting Rebecca became a travel tour director and an English as a foreign language teacher. Now, Rebecca is helping women redeploy …