L'Art Mange l'Art
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For MPG2019 Musée Regards de Provence Delivers Food Art

Marseille’s super Musée Regards de Provence has been inspired by the MPG2019 Year of Gastronomy programme and is serving up two foodie exhibitions. L’Art Mange l’Art (until October 31, 2019) has a wide range of contemporary works, all food-themed; there is some witty photography (eg behind the scenes in restaurants) and …

Love as a Muse Musee Regard de Provence Sa Muse Affiche-Titre-Sa-Muse
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Sa Muse – Love as the Muse at Musee Regards de Provence

Just opened, and with perfect timing to catch the wave of ‘Quel Amour’, the new exhibition at Marseille’s Musée Regards de Provence illustrates the relationship between the artist and his or her muse. “The modern muse has this irresistible faculty to appeal to the artist and often to his heart, …

André Maire Art Exhibit Musée Regards de Provence
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New Art Exhibition at Musée Regards de Provence in Marseille

I have to hand it to the Musée Regards de Provence seems to keep finding interesting local artists to introduce to us all. This time, André Maire (1898-1984) was an inveterate traveller. He was very curious about people, civilizations and religions, and painted his impressions as he went. …Continue reading …

Joseph Inguimberty Le Débarquement du plâtre; huile sur toile; 1923
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Poetry in Painting: Joseph Inguimberty at Musée Regards de Provence

Contributor blog post by Aixcentric: He is not an artist I had ever heard of, but I came away impressed by this discovery courtesy of the Musée Regards de Provence. Joseph Inguimberty was born in Marseille back in 1896. Here, one of his early works captured the scenes in the …

Quirin Mayer artist
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Latest Exhibition at Marseille’s Musée Regards de Provence

Contributor blog post by Aixcentric: Musée Regards de Provence in Marseille is a delightful gallery celebrates local artists who are very often new to me and so a visit is quite an adventure of discovery. The latest expo is dedicated to designer, painter and sculptor Quirin Mayer (1927 – ) …

Raphael Ponson @RegardsProvence @Aixcentric
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Local Painter Raphael Ponson at Musee Regards de Provence

Contributor blog post by Aixcentric: I hadn’t heard of Raphaël Ponson before visiting the exhibition at Marseille’s Musee Regards de Provence but thoroughly enjoyed seeing his work produced during the 19th century; it gives us an insight into the region in its pre-modern tranquillity. The Vieux Port is shown as …

2023 Art Exhibits Provence
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Art Exhibits in Provence to See in 2023

As is the case, there are almost too many choices for art exhibits in Provence. The following list is not exhaustive, but some 2023 shows in Marseille’s museums and beyond. Let’s start in Marseille, where MUCEM continues with ‘Amités, creativité, collective’ until 13 February. Next up is ‘Alexandrie: Futurs anterieurs’ …

Marseille Reasons Visit City Views Notre Dame de la Garde
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Marseille Top Reasons to Visit this City

Reasons to Visit Marseille M for Museums: When you go, plan to visit the museums in Marseille. There is something for every artistic taste and attention span with a range of curated artistic styles and artifacts. History buffs head to Fort Saint-Jean, Musée d’ Histoire de Marseille (one of the …

Book Art South France
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Book Review: Art in the South of France, The Inside Story

Aixcentric is the name of Lynne Alderson’s blog, an online resource for anyone looking for current events in the Aix-en-Provence area. The blog was “born” out of Alderson’s frustration regarding discovering details about interesting happenings…just a little too late. Her second book “Art in the South of France, The Inside …

Les Halles de la Major
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Marseille Dining at Les Halles de la Major

Contributor blog post by Aixcentric: Visitors to Marseille’s MuCEM or the Musée Regards de Provence can eat in either venue, or may like to wander along the main road a little to try Les Halles de la Major which is in the vaults tucked underneath the magnificent 19th century cathedral. …