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The Anglo-French Exchange a Great Guide for Learning French

When The Anglo-French Exchange landed on my doorstep, I wasn’t sure what to expect from Dr. Allswell E. Eno’s first book. At over 700 pages, this manuscript is not for holiday goers who want to order off a menu when they visit Provence. Instead, The Anglo-French Exchange is a reference guide for intermediate-level speakers (English or French) who wish to take their language skills to the next level of proficiency. This book is designed so native speakers of either language can use it.

“An essential book that promotes understanding through language.”

A Language Tool

It took Dr. Allswell E. Eno just under five years to complete writing, proofreading, editing, indexing, and designing The Anglo-French Exchange. However, he had started the book years before by recording conversations and the associated linguistic learnings in notebooks. Dr. Eno was always interested in languages, mainly French, but his proficiency with the language was limited. He also found that available reference books and teaching tools did not help move the needle on his French language competence. So, he wrote the book by taking self-taught notes and creating an easy-to-use thematic style.

How to Use This Book

The Anglo-French Exchange has two parts: Advanced French: How to Use It and Advanced French in Action. Both sections then have subsections – Themes – that cover a range of situations, such as Ideas and Inspiration, Risks and Challenges, Law and Order, Journalism, Religion and so on. Every subsection has the English text first, followed by a French translation.

The book is a large body of text. Therefore, it should be used as a study guide and covered slowly so that the readers can understand and incorporate the details into their everyday interactions.

Think of The Anglo-French Exchange as a reference book and aide-mémoire (memory aid) for those tricky grammar and sentence construction areas. It deals with the quirks of the French language that people find problematic daily, particularly for English-speaking expats living in France and francophone countries speaking standard French. And vice versa for French speakers.

Who is the Audience?

The Anglo-French Exchange is for speakers who have already achieved an intermediate level of competence and want to be fluent. The book does not cover basic French grammatical rules, as the author assumes that the reader has already grasped the ground-level concepts. However, there are plenty of books and online resources for learning the fundamentals of spoken French.

This book is an excellent tool for someone who has recently moved, or is contemplating a move, to France and wants to participate fully in their community and workplace. In addition, The Anglo-French Exchange would be a fabulous resource for someone studying for a French equivalency exam for work or other reasons.

French or English language studies teachers would greatly benefit from using this book to work with students on real-life scenarios.

In addition, for families interested in sharing the benefits of multilingualism with their children, The Anglo-French Exchange could be a good workbook for all.

Part two (2) of the book is for any of those mentioned above but is for English-speaking professionals in various fields of work who need to speak French or vice versa for French speakers.

“From GCSE and A Level and degree students to Francophiles, The Anglo-French Exchange is designed to bypass the tedium of wading through dense, grammatical explanations that are irrelevant for everyday French. It explores idiosyncrasies and means of expression that will help you speak like a native. Dr Eno achieves this through real-life examples and variations that might crop up in different contexts.”

Anglo French Exchange Book French Language Tool

About the Author

Dr. Allswell E. Eno was born in London, England and trained in medicine at St. Thomas’ Hospital Medical School, now part of King’s College. He practiced hospital medicine to the registrar level in various specialties before switching to general practice (GP) training in 1997. After 25 years as a GP, he now practices family medicine in the NHS and private sectors.

Dr. Eno’s love of the French language began as a youngster, and he appreciated the nuances of French in both written and spoken formats. He showed a strong aptitude for languages. However, by the time he reached A-levels (Advanced Levels) studies, the recommendation was for him to focus on biology, chemistry and mathematics. These were the subjects he required to pursue medical studies.

However, even a doctor in London, England, discovered that an increasing number of French-speaking patients came to his practice, which prompted Dr. Eno to improve his language skills. He determined a gap in the literary field for easy-to-use, practical guides to French for those looking to enhance their abilities.

Where to Buy it?

The Anglo-French Exchange is available on Amazon in paperback format.

Buy a Copy Here!

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