French Cooking for Beginners
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How to Write a French Cookbook

A Writer’s Dream I will never forget the morning I received an email from an established cookbook publisher and immediately deleted it, convinced it was a scam. They wrote asking me to write a beginner French cookbook for sale and promotion nationwide. I quickly scanned the email, deleted it, and …

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Explore Works by Writer Marcel Pagnol in Provence

“I was born in the town of Aubagne, under the Garlaban crowned with goats, in the days of the last goatherds.” ~ Marcel Pagnol Writer Marcel Pagnol So begins the memoir of Marcel Pagnol, the master storyteller of Provence. If you ask someone which author comes to mind when they …

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Perfectly Provence this week

Discover the Perfectly Provence Contributors

Perfectly Provence is the name of this website; it is also a community of over 40 contributors each of whom has a personal connection to the region. The list includes expats who have chosen to make the South of France their home: Phoebe Thomas who writes about travel with kids, …

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Books Set in Provence

Provence is a rich environment for writers. Peter Mayle sparked a trend for books about Provence, but it’s fun to read fiction set locally. Mary Lou Longworth has penned a series of crime novels based in and around Aix. Starting with ‘Death at the Chateau Bremont’, she Explore this post. …

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Creative Writing Workshop in Aix

By aixcentric Book In Bar is hosting a creative writing session on Saturday 14th February, from 11-13:00 hrs. Don’t know too much about the content but have checked that the workshop will be held in English as well as French. Participation is limited to 12 people so call the shop …

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Mario Vargas Llosa
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Nobel Prizewinner Speaking in Aix

By aixcentric The Fete du Livre this year has a globally famous writer appearing on 17, 18 and 19th October: Mario Vargas Llosa will be discussing his 2003 novel ‘Un Peu Plus Loin’ or ‘The Way to Paradise’. This is a historical double biography of Post-Impressionist painter Paul Gauguin and …

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