Sea Urchins Facts and How to Eat them @bfblogger2015
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Sea Urchins: Facts, Fiction and How To Eat Them

Contributor blog post by Deborah @Barefoot Blogger: One of my favorite people in France is Nancy McGee, contributor to the Barefoot Blogger’s Absolutely Southern French Food and Etiquette page and proprietor of the new infamous Absolutely Southern France tour company in Sete. Thanks to Nancy we’ve enjoyed reading about two of …

Tipping in France @bfblogger2015
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Myth: You’re not Expected to Tip in French Restaurants

Contributor blog post by Ashley Tinker: The only people that don’t tip in French restaurants are tourists that read english language guides about France that tell them they don’t need to tip. It’s true that there isn’t much of a tipping culture here in France; thank goodness! I find the …

Sailing in the South of France @MirabeauWine
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Sailing in the South of France

Contributor blog post by Victoria Koning @MirabeauWine: The South of France is an adventurer’s paradise, with Cotignac being very well located. It’s pretty much an hour or two to any kind of activity you’d like to take part in; skiing in the Alps, water sports on the Mediterranean, hiking, climbing …

How to drink rose #WinesofProvence @MirabeauWine
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How the Price of Wine Affects our Taste

Contributor blog post by Victoria Koning @MirabeauWine: I have been drinking wine for decades, but only in recent years have I really started tasting it. Looking at the colour, swirling the liquid nectar in my glass, sniffing the aromas deeply, taking a sip and swirling it in my mouth, letting …

@CovoitureArt @AccessRiviera
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Carpool to a château or art gallery? Why not! Covoiture-Art

Contributor blog post by Access Riviera: Now, having no car or adversity to using public transport is a thing of the past if you desire to visit art galleries, museums or historical places of interest throughout France – welcome to the concept of Covoiture-Art! We’ve all seen car sharing sites …

Birthdays and Saint Holidays @AccessRiviera
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Birthdays and the Calendar of Saints

Contributor Blog Post by Access Riviera: Becks recently celebrated her birthday – Happy belated to @AccessRiviera! She also shares some great information on the Calendar of Saints… Today is my birthday (Becks, not Access Riviera’s), hooray to me! Today I share my birthday – 27 January – with Saint Angèle……..WHO …

Paperwork in France @bfblogger2015
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Tips on Moving to France: Rental Agreement, Bank Account and Visa

Contributor blog post by Deborah Bine: When the Barefoot Blogger decided to run off to France, I learned the hard way how to do some of the basics: rent an apartment, open a bank account and obtain a visa. If you’re contemplating a move to France, hopefully some of this …

Tax Refund Provencal Souvenirs #Provence @AccessRiviera
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How to easily get a Tax Refund on your French souvenirs

Contributor blog post by Access Riviera: Did you know that as a tourist in France you are entitled to claim back the Value Added Tax (VAT or TVA) on purchases over €175 made in a single store? You didn’t know that? Well, luckily for you this blog post will shed …

Pastry shop @bfblogger2015
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The #1 Insult to the French Palate

Contributor blog post by Deborah Bine: Sugar. Who would think that the French, with all their pastry and chocolate shops, would be offended by sugar? I learned it the hard way. After two years living in the south of France, I’ve discovered that the French have an aversion to overly …

chocolates in France #Chocolate #France @FibiTee
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Chocolate and France

Contributor blog post by Phoebe Thomas: Bonne année, bonne santé!  Traditional New Year’s greetings in France begin like this, wishing Happy New Year and good health, to be said each time you see someone for the first time in the year, throughout the month of January.  So I’m taking this …