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Provence’s Most Instagrammable Locations and Attractions

The Most Instagrammable Spots in Provence

France may be the most visited country in the world, with the region of Provence falling in only second to Paris, but it remains a tricky task to discover some of its hidden treasures. Anyone who has ever had any inclination towards finding the most photographic spots in any region will tell you that it’s these hidden gems that end up making the best Instagram snaps of them all.

These days, tech and travel have merged beautifully, and it’s easy to find amazing places and things to photograph when exploring all that Provence has to offer. To give you a head start, take a look at where to find the most Instagrammable places in Provence!

Instagram Staircases Provence Oppede le Vieux


Sillans-la-Cascade is situated a mere 20 minutes from Lac Ste. Croix and only but an hour away from the coast. The delightful village retains its old-world feel and is known for its stunning waterfalls and immense prairies. The 17th Century St. Ettienne’s Church, especially, is a favourite among Instagrammers.

Instagram Lac St Croix Var Provence

La Maison Des Papillons

La Maison des Papillons, also known as the butterfly house, is the life work of artist Dany Lartigue, who has spent many years collecting more than 35,000 species of butterfly. What’s more, he painted colourful backgrounds to the encasings, making the house a feast for the visual senses and very highly instagrammable indeed.

Chateau La Coste Vineyard

Château La Coste vineyard is one of the unique vineyards in Provence. It’s not all just about the wines and the vines, either. Visitors can go on an architectural walk that includes works of art by artists such as Tracey Emin and Frank Gehry. Chateau la Coste vineyard will have any wine- or architecture-loving Instagrammer’s heart beating a little bit faster.

Chateau La Coste Drop Tom Shannon

Provence and the Wisteria Blooms

Provence is a place of contrast. Contrast and colours. Magnificent flowers are in bloom throughout the year, with the Wisteria blooms in the springtime being a firm favourite among Instagrammers. Wildflowers and herbs flourish all year round in Provence – brilliant yellow Mimosas in winter, blood-red Poppies in the springtime and lavish fields of purple Lavender during the summer months. The South of France is the place to be for anyone eager to capture that perfectly Instagram snap.

Instagram Flowers Wisteria Provence

Tasty Tarte Tropezienne

If it seems in any way out of whack to dedicate an entire sub-paragraph to a single snack, then you have apparently never had the pleasure of laying eyes on the light and fluffy delicacy that is the Tarte Tropezienne. A truly decadent treat the brioche pastry is filled with vanilla cream, this dessert was made famous by Brigitte Bardot in the 1960s and has become a real icon of Southern French cooking. With a little bit of imagination, you can create the perfect Instagram shot with the Tarte Tropezienne artfully framed by a traditional French coffee shop, or delicately decorated with sugar and berries.

Tarte Tropézienne Recipe
Because the brioche rises overnight, allow two (2) days to make your Tarte Tropéziennes. I make the pastry cream and whipped cream while the dough rises on day two (2), so the project takes a bit of time management!
Check out this recipe
La Tarte Tropézienne Tasha Powell
La Tarte Tropézienne Tasha Powell

Photo Credit: Tasha Powell of Tasha’s Culinary Journey

Castles Of Provence

If panoramic views are what you’re after on your Instagram profile, look no further than the magnificent fortresses of Provence. Consider, for instance, the Castle of Les Baux. The remains of Les Baux’s chateau overlook the medieval village of Les Baux de Provence and offers magnificent views over the Alpilles. The ruins of the original fortress remain, and visitors can stroll along a circuit interspersed with educational panels and insightful orientation tables.

Instagrammable Castles Les Baux de Provence

The site was one of utmost importance as a stronghold and was regularly under attack up until its final demolition in 1632. Instagrammers will take a particular liking to the keep, the Saracen and Paravelle towers, the Castrale and Sainte-Blaise chapels, the courtyard and farmyard at the lower end of the structure, the windmill, the oven (baking) house and the cave houses. For those interested in the historical value of the castle, the Quiqueran Hospital will hold significant value.

With so much to explore and so many amazingly picturesque settings and things to do it is easy to see why Provence is an Instagrammer’s dream!

Instagram Sweeping Luberon Views Provence

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