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Provencal History Tale of The Sardine that Blocked the Port of Marseille

Contributor blog post by Ashley Tinker:

Do you know about the sardine that blocked the port of Marseille?

As I was perusing local postcards at a local flea market in Provence, I came across a curious image. The postcard depicts an enormous sardine blocking the port of Marseille.

The seller, taking advantage of my ignorance and confused expression, insisted that this indeed did happen.

I asked Patrice, the local market fisherman, and he told me the whole story of how a tiny sardine managed to block the beautiful port of Marseille.

…Continue reading here for the backstory of this fishy tale about a French cargo ship named the Sartine that was built in Bordeaux and launched to battle in 1778. The Sartine changed hands between the French and the British sides before it’s final resting place just outside the Vieux Port in Marseille. It turns out that this curious story is in fact quite true and the reason for this expression “C’est la sardine qui a bouché le port de Marseille” (“The sardine that choked the port of Marseille”).

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Ashley Tinker

Ashley Tinker

Ashley was born and raised in Montréal, Canada. She has always been drawn to the history, way of life and beauty of Europe. Her feelings for Europe were reconfirmed while studying art in Florence, Italy. Ashley says that stone buildings, colourful shutters and terra cotta tile rooftops fill her dreams and now her days.

Ashley moved to Provence in 2014 with her partner Robin (he also shares her Francophile passions). They are in search of the French joie de vivre, which they find at every turn in the local markets and natural beauty of Provence. This couple are indulging in local olives and wine as the Provencal sunshine changes craggy rocks into things of beauty.

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