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Fall in Love in St Rémy Gift Ideas from Provence + Discount

Some of us (myself included) are fascinated by striking images on Instagram, and the Love in St Rémy photo feed is no exception. Laetitia Labrune de Luca is the founder of the company and the visionary behind an exquisite collection of products for gifts (or for personal a treat). There are lovely scented candles and diffusers, pretty notebooks and practical pochettes (little pouch bags).

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Love in St Rémy Bougie

We met on a sunny fall day to talk about – Love in St Rémy – and her plans for the brand. Naturally graceful Labrune de Luca’s bright smile speaks volumes about the company and her passion for the region. She and her husband only relocated to St Rémy, from Paris, in the last few years. It was never their plan to live in the Alpilles, but the lifestyle and natural beauty of the south have turned them into converts.Love in St Rémy ROSE

Love in St Rémy Building a Brand

One of my questions for Labrune de Luca was going to be, how did you decide on the name for your company. But, there was no reason to ask. She radiates her fascination and affection for the Provencal lifestyle in her presence. Her background in media before launching Love in St Rémy might have helped, but Labrune de Luca admits she is learning the ins and outs of retail and fabrication as the company evolves.


The brand launched in July 2017, the business concept came together organically born out of a love story. In 2015, Laetitia de Luca married her sweetheart Vincent Labrune in St Rémy de Provence. The wedding guests received small Provencal-themed presents to celebrate the occasion. After the event, friends encouraged Labrune de Luca to develop the gifts into a retail concept. In the year since Love in St Rémy started, Labrune de Luca has created an impressive product line.

Love in St Rémy Bougie L'Amour

We talked about her inspiration for the fragrances in the candles and diffusers. The scents are created in Grasse by a “Nez” (someone with a trained nose for mixing aromas) based on her criteria and verbal descriptions. In some cases, this process takes quite a bit of time to arrive at the scent that matches the exact image of Provence in her mind.  The Amande Précieuse (Precious Almond) candle required ten (10) attempts before she was satisfied with the fragrance. And, that’s just the start, then there is the packaging, the labels, the description, the website and social media. Love in St Rémy an all-encompassing project that Labrune de Luca embraces with her evident passion for sharing the highlights of the region.

Love in St Rémy Cahier jardin provençal

Brand Evolution

We talked about what she calls the Trilogie – la Vie, l’Amour and la Bohème – life, love and an adventurous bohemian spirit. These concepts are reflected in a series of scented candles. Infused with the scent of pear flowers the La Vie (Life) candle highlights the first blossom an indication of spring’s arrival in Provence. The l’Amour candle combines orange blossom and jasmine in a heavenly caress that will make you think of a Provencal garden. La Bohème mingles adventure and joy with a blend of fruit, musk and patchouli.

Love in St Rémy Bougie

Labrune de Luca admits that the brand is just in its infancy, but she has plenty of ideas for the future. At present, there are ten (10) scented candles, a couple of diffusers and several options for notebooks and pochettes. Expect to see additional points of sale for Love in St Rémy in Provence, Paris, and beyond. She has plenty of ideas for new candles, diffusers and other products.

Love in St Rémy winter

Where to Find Love in St Rémy

Shop Online – The products are available for shipping worldwide.

Points of sale where you can find the products

Follow the Facebook Page and Instagram feed

Love in St Rémy LISR-FIG-3_Lamarine

Photo credits ©Thierry Teisseire – Capsule communication. All images published with the permission of Love in St Rémy. 

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