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L is for Lacoste in the Luberon

We’ve been back home for a week and our tans are fading, so it’s time to return to my own A-Z of the Vaucluse as a way of helping to keep me going over the next few weeks until we travel down for another visit.

This week I move onto L  for Lacoste a beautiful village in the Luberon Valley. Continue reading here for the original article.

Perched Luberon Villages

Lacoste is a well-preserved village that sits on a mountain ridge with great views to the east across a valley filled with vineyards and orchards to Bonnieux and the Grand Luberon Mountains. At the top of the village are the ruins of the castle of the Marquis de Sade now owned by Pierre Cardin.

Friends and others headed to Provence often ask where they should go during their once in a lifetime visit to Provence. We usually suggest visitors include a trip to the vibrant red-ochre coloured town of Roussillon, one of five villages nestled in the Luberon hills, which are classified as Plus Beaux Villages de France (Most beautiful villages of France). Roussillon is one of our favourite villages and just one hour from Sablet.

Oppède-le-Vieux appears frozen in time. This tiny hamlet is only 15 minutes from Cavaillon or 25 minutes from Avignon, but it’s like turning back the clock. The old village (le Vieux) is at the top of a hill, which makes for a good workout even on an e-bike. At first glance, there is not much to this perched village, the ruins of a feudal castle and a 12th-century collegiate church. Look a little closer to see the evidence of quality restorations of 15th and 16th-century homes. What is behind those walls remains a secret, but it’s certain that the owners like the quiet village exactly this way.


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Julie Whitmarsh

Julie and her husband Andy started visiting the Vaucluse area 25 years ago & over the years have increased the amount of time they spend there with their growing family. She has a deep affection for the area, finding it is a great place to visit, where the whole family can relax and enjoy time together.

She longs for the day when she can ‘up-sticks’ from her home on Dartmoor & relocate to the Luberon and spend her days cycling, walking, visiting markets & brocante fairs and of course enjoying the local food and drink.

Her blog VaucluseDreamer gives her a space to highlight some of her favourite things about the area from places to visit to particular activities that she and her family all enjoy.

She hopes one day it will be a place where she can share the process of renovating a house in France, but at the moment that will have to wait.

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