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Brantes this Village in the Vaucluse is Hard to Beat

Suspended across from the mighty Mont Ventoux is a village that can only be described as jaw-droppingly stunning, as it is surrounded by breathtaking Alpine scenery and filled with rustic charm.

Brantes has been on my list for years to visit, as it was described as a place of total peace and serenity and a home to artists and craftsmen. And I have to say, it is the most stunning of them all. So much so that we went back a second time.

Original article by Cheryl of Cobblestones and Vineyards with beautiful photos of Brantes and her suggestion about where to eat. To call this village perched feels like an understatement, the hamlet appears to cling to the side of a mountainside. The town is tiny, with a population of less than one hundred permanent residents. It is also charming, the stone buildings climb the side of the hill. Walk the cobblestone streets and enjoy the views of Mont Ventoux and the Vaucluse.

Visit Brantes

Try the Local Beer:

La Géante de Provence is a microbrewery located in the perched village of Brantes. Naming the beer might have been the easy part of a process that has taken the co-owners Rory White and Pascale Merlette-Lagarde well over two years of talking, planning, ordering and finally brewing.


There are two Grand Randonnée (long-distance hiking trails) hikes that you can access from Brantes the GR4 and the GR9.

It is possible to hike up Mont Ventoux from Brantes. However, this is a hike for those who are in good physical condition. The walk takes 5-6 hours starting from the hameau de la Frache, and there is considerable vertical to cover.

River Walk: 

Gorges du Toulourenc is a popular spot to cool down during the heat of summer. The river water is fresh is fed by a source at Château d’Aulan. You can hike through the gorge. Water shoes or decent footwear are recommended. Never attempt this if there is a threat of rain or bad weather.

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Cheryl Shufflebotham

Cheryl Shufflebotham

Although, Cheryl and her husband live in upstate New York, she tells us that she is always yearning, planning, maneuvering to make her way back to France.

Cheryl's love for France started almost eleven years ago with "a once in a lifetime" ten-year anniversary trip. These wannabe expats have been back every year since that trip!

Cheryl's first French love is the region of Burgundy, but then a few years ago, she discovered Provence. Now she admits that she is torn between Burgundy and Provence. It sounds like Provence has her spellbound, "I can’t quite put a finger on what it is about Provence, but its intoxication keeps luring me back for more."

Cheryl started her blog Cobblestone and Vineyards to explore the simple charms of France, those small details that capture the heart.

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