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Birthdays and the Calendar of Saints

Contributor Blog Post by Access Riviera:

Becks recently celebrated her birthday – Happy belated to @AccessRiviera! She also shares some great information on the Calendar of Saints…

Today is my birthday (Becks, not Access Riviera’s), hooray to me! Today I share my birthday – 27 January – with Saint Angèle……..WHO is Saint Angèle??!! Saint Angèle de Mérici was born in Desonzano on Lake Garda and was the founder of the company of Saint Ursula in Brescia …Continue reading here for more information on the calendar of the saints, and for more about Saint Angèle.

Via: Access Riviera

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Rebecca Whitlocke

Rebecca Whitlocke

New Zealand born and raised, Rebecca moved permanently to the French Riviera when she fell in love with an Englishman working on a super yacht.

With 10+ years background in the travel industry, she left the rat race and founded Access Riviera after realising there was a lack of travel information in English for expats and tourists.

Access Riviera is her blog providing general travel advice regarding sightseeing, transport and festivals focusing on families and persons with reduced mobility mixed in with a healthy dose of posts about 'la vie en France' as an expat.

When not writing for her blog and collaborating with companies such as FlipKey, Lonely Planet Kids and Wanderant, Rebecca consults globally in tourism and media. She enjoys stand up paddleboarding on the Riviera coastline, and searching for the best tarte aux citron in the region.

You can connect with Rebecca via her blog Access Riviera.

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