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Irresistible French Fashion for Summer

A week or so ago, the Barefoot Blogger could not resist going into one of my favorite shops in Uzes, L’atelier des Ours. Yes, summer bobo chic fashions are everywhere. Lightweight pantaloons and flouncy ruffled dresses, among other irresistible things. Who could pass it by? Certainly not …Continue reading here

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Uzes music festival #Uzes @bfblogger2015
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Hello Summer It’s Music Time in Uzes!

What better way to welcome in summer in Uzes than with music all around town? June 21st was the Fête de la musique à Uzès with music ranging from flamenco guitar to folk music, to rock. Stages were set up on street corner and plazas throughout the historic area with …

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Bandes Dessinées Uzes @bfblogger2013
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The French “Ninth Art”: Bandes Dessinées

The French love bandes dessinées — drawn cartoons. We may call them “funnies” in the States but here they take the art form quite seriously. The graphic style is recognized and debated by art historians in France as the “Ninth Art” — a category Explore this Post  

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Uzes Chateau du Duche @bfBlogger2013
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Stacey Kent Concert in Uzes

There are a few musical events in my life that the Barefoot Blogger will always remember. The concert with Stacey Kent in the Cour du Duche high on the list. A magnificent azure sky against the yellow haze of the Chateau du Duche and a soft summer breeze made the …

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Tree Climbing #France @bfblogger2013
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Tree Sports in Uzes. Who knew?

One of my favorite places in Uzes is the Vallée de l’Eure. I’ve written about the spring that feeds Pont du Gard, the swans, the STEPS, and various other things that amuse me there. Nothing has caught me more off guard, however, than to find men hanging in the trees. […] …

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Vieux Cafe d’Aniathazze in Uzes via @bfblogger2013
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Tasty Bites in Uzes

Tasty Bites in Uzes Mon fils and I are on the way the Lyon, the “stomach of France.” The 5-star restaurants in Lyon are hardly within our budget; nevertheless, we’re ready for some extraordinary French cuisine. Meanwhile in Uzes, we’ve been spending a lot of time at local […] Explore …

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Destination Uzes @Bfblogger2013
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So it begins. Destination: Uzes, France

Only four more days until I leave for my great adventure to the south of France. Solo. Just as planned. This is my first time blogging an adventure, so I’ll start by telling why I’m heading to Uzes, France; how I’m getting there; also, I’ll… Explore this Post

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Uzes Market
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On the Road in the South of France with Mon Fils

Mon fils is visiting me in Uzes. Nothing could make me happier than to show him the sights and to introduce him to my new friends. First stop was Saturday market in Uzes. Even though the tourist season is over, the market this week was busy. Explore this Post

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Village Scenes in Uzes: One Crazy Good Artist

Last Saturday afternoon one of the local artists in Uzes threw a soiree for a few friends and fans. Aside from celebrating the last days of his art exhibit, it was a crazy good party. Explore this Post  

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