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Pure Provencal Rosé Spritz Cocktail

The Spritz Veneziano first arrived in Venice and Northern Italy, in the 1800s. The has cocktail evolved, and so we decided it was time to make our own Provencal Rosé Spritz Cocktail. Discover this drink is perfect for a warm-weather cocktail hour, along with some tasty nibbles.

Nice Rosé Wine Tasting
Carolyne Kauser-AbbottTasteWines and Spirits of Provence

When in Nice Rosé Wine Tasting and Niçoise Street Food

Rosé Tasting on Fridays Rosé wine and the Mediterranean lifestyle are deeply intertwined. France and Provence, in particular, is the leading global producer of rosé. However, with promotions like ‘Rosé all Day’ it’s possible to think of this wine as a fad. It’s not! Rosé was the preferred grape-based drink …

Buying Criteria Rosé
Provence WineZineTasteWines and Spirits of Provence

Decision Time Buying Criteria for Rosé Wine

Buying Rosé Numerous studies have been conducted in the food industry on what influences shoppers’ buying decisions. I came across several such studies during my printing equipment sales career, as print quality of the package can have an enormous impact, positive or negative, at the moment of selection. …Continue reading …

Rose wine tasting @LizgabayMW
Elizabeth GabayTasteWines and Spirits of Provence

353 Shades of Rosé

Last month I had the exciting – and rare – opportunity of tasting an amazing selection of 353 still rosés from around the world. This proved a glorious spectacle of the most amazing shades of pink – forget 50 – this was far more dazzling. The range of colours was …

Bouquet of Tibouren Rose @LizGabayMW
Elizabeth GabayTasteWines and Spirits of Provence

A Bouquet of Tibouren Rosés

Tibouren is regarded by many in Provence as the traditional variety for making rosé, unique to the area. Tibouren is a pale-skinned grape, suited to making rosé, as it allows for the fuller fruity character to be developed without extracting lots of colour. An early ripening variety, it seems to …

Prose rose @LizGabayMW
Elizabeth GabayTasteWines and Spirits of Provence

Rosé Pink and Azur Blue – The Launch of a New Brand for the Côte d’Azur

I was intrigued when I first saw the publicity for a rosé wine bearing an image of the iconic chaise bleu of the Promenade des Anglais on Nice’s Côte d’Azur waterfront. The launch of this new label Prose was at the lovely Plage Beau Rivage, by the Promenade des Anglais in …

@MirabeauWine Wine blending 2015
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Why blending is so key in Rosé winemaking

People are often surprised that most wines are blends, and even more surprised that even single-grape variety bottles are blends from different tanks. In Provence, it’s the law of our appellation that wines are blends from the local varieties like Grenache, Syrah, Cinsault and Carignan. A good …Continue reading here …

Rose in Provence #VinsdeProvence @JillBarth
Jill BarthTasteWines and Spirits of Provence

A Case of Provençal Rosé

This post was part of Jill’s #12daysofwine blog series, more reason to drink wine. Don’t be mistaken — rosé isn’t a blend of red & white wine. In fact, that concept was completely rejected by regional winemakers upon suggestion in 2009, when the European Commission proposed a change in quality …