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Who Was Peter Mayle?

Have you ever done a basic search about books set in Provence? If so, it is quite possible that Peter Mayle was one of the first names to pop up, and for good reason. This is the man who is responsible for ultra-famous books such as A Year In Provence, …

Peter Mayle’s My Twenty-Five Years in Provence
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The Last Word. Peter Mayle’s My Twenty-Five Years in Provence, Reflections on Then and Now

Almost 30 years ago, Peter Mayle introduced many of us to the arrière-pays Provençal (rural countryside) for the first time with his internationally best-selling novel A Year in Provence.  The success of that book and his subsequent novels had many primed to book flights to the South of France. If …

Searching For Peter Mayles Provence #Book @unxplorer
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Book: Searching for Peter Mayle’s Provence

Susan Guillory does not let a little thing like a mountain range stand in her way. Shortly after returning from an adventure and self-admitted challenge of a lifetime – hiking in the Italian Dolomites – Susan published her first book “Searching for Peter Mayle’s Provence.” Guillory is a Perfectly Provence contributor, …

Who's Afraid of Peter Mayle? is the new play from What Larks theatre company

Live English Theatre in Aix

Contributor blog post by Aixcentric: Who’s Afraid of Peter Mayle? is the new play from What Larks theatre company – in Aix on Sunday 11th October. You can read the details on the attached flyer. Via:: Aixcentric