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Launching a new start in Provence

Contributor blog post by Vaucluse Dreamer: In 8 days time we should be at the Notaire’s office in Apt, on the verge of signing the final paperwork ‘Acte Authentique’ for our new house in the Vaucluse. As you can probably imagine things are a bit frantic at home as we …

House hunting in Provence @VaucluseDreamer
Julie Whitmarsh

Sometimes Good Things Fall Apart – The House Hunt Continues

Contributor blog post by Vaucluse Dreamer: When our first efforts at buying a house in France fell apart, just before signing the Compromis de Vente, we were absolutely gutted and it would have been very easy to just give up and walk away. We felt though, that we had no other option, …

Shopping for Antique Patina Doors in Provence @CuriousProvence
Ashley Tinker

Our Renovation in Provence: Shopping for Patina Doors

Contributor Blog Post By Ashley Tinker: Shopping for Antique Patina Doors in Provence The treasure and charm of antique doors. It seems that we like to make our lives difficult; dating for 5 years long distance Montreal-London, moving to a new country without proper jobs, buying a tiny house in …

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Why Did You Move to France

It’s time to answer a most-frequently-asked question: “Why did you move to France?” “Because I could” That might sound like a smug answer, and I don’t mean it to be taken that way. Yet it’s true. I’m healthy, my children are in good places Explore this Post

Destination Uzes @Bfblogger2013
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So it begins. Destination: Uzes, France

Only four more days until I leave for my great adventure to the south of France. Solo. Just as planned. This is my first time blogging an adventure, so I’ll start by telling why I’m heading to Uzes, France; how I’m getting there; also, I’ll… Explore this Post