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Provence Rosé is just so hot right now

The pink wave from Provence just keeps on swelling, which is funny given that for many years in London, Stephen and I had to indulge our Rosé passion in the comfort of our own home.  We never really got served any at dinner parties and bars would only have a …

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Taking a Punt in the Wine World

Contributor blog post by Mirabeau Wine: Taking a punt – according to most dictionaries – means to take a chance, to give something a go, place a bet, or even… to take a flat-bottomed ferry boat. You could also be handed a long pole and then ushered onto a long …

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Scrumptious Salmon and Shrimp Appetizer with Horseradish Cream

Contributor blog post by Victoria Koning @MirabeauWine After a hectic festive season, this delightful salmon and shrimp dish is ideal as an apéro, starter or light meal. Browsing through the interwebs, I got the inspiration from a BBC Good Food recipe using prawns, which also looks yummy. While this isn’t a …

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Mirabeau Wine Emerges from a Dream

Keep reading for details on a contest and giveaway! Media sources and reputable wine journals have published countless articles about “Team Cronk” a nickname often used for the Mirabeau Wine duo Stephen and Jeany Cronk. The wine industry is teeming with personal stories of joys and heartaches, tales that are …

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Provence Wedding Wine

Contributor blog post by Victoria Koning@ Mirabeau Wine Since our boutique opened in the heart of picturesque Cotignac, we’ve welcomed enquiries from brides and grooms around the world who are planning their dream wedding in Provence. The main question is which wine to drink with which course, and how does …

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5 Good Reasons to Give Someone Wine for Christmas

Contributor blog post by Mirabeau Wine: Wine is a great Christmas present for many reasons, as long as it’s appropriate…i.e. you are not giving it to your spouse who’s really expecting a diamond ring or to someone who’s teetotal.  But it’s a fantastic present for family and friends as well …

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Belle, the Wedding Wine Bar

Contributor blog post by Mirabeau Wine: A lovely Dutch couple, Anneloes and Sjors, asked if Belle could be used as a wedding wine bar after their ceremony in Provence. Marcel and I offered to serve the yummy La Folie sparkling rosé wine along with little French tarts. We got to …

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Need 5 Reasons to visit Cotignac

Cotignac’s permanent population hovers around 2,300 people. The official count swells on a sunny Tuesday when throngs of visitors appraise market stalls on the main street — Cours Gambetta. A column of plane trees provide welcome shade to vendors watching their stands that are heaving with tempting melons from Cavaillon, …