Trays of truffles at Bruno's of Lorgues @LizGabayMW
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Chez Bruno of Lorgues

Contributor blog post by Liz Gabay: The restaurant Bruno, familiarly known as Chez Bruno, is a Michelin starred restaurant, specialising in truffles, in the centre of Var department, just outside the old market town of Lorgues. I first went to Bruno’s  …Continue reading here Via:: Elizabeth Gabay         

La Table De Patrick Raingeard #Eze #Provence @Unxplorer
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Why Everyone Should Eat at a Michelin-Starred Restaurant

While the bill induced heartburn in my husband and I, what we will always remember about our Michelin-starred restaurant visit is the amazing food and experience we had. La Table de Patrick Raingeard wined us, dined us, and left us feeling like the elite wealthy, though we certainly are not. …