Southern French Carignan Revival @LizGabayMW
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Southern French Carignan Revival

Contributor blog post by Liz Gabay: Hiding away in southern French blends, Carignan is often unnoticed by wine drinkers. However, an enthusiastic trend amongst a few growers in southern France, Spain, Chile, California and Israel to produce this variety in all its glory, has captured my imagination. The more I …

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Elizabeth GabayTasteWines and Spirits of Provence

Provençal Carignan

Until the 1970s, Carignan was one of the main grapes of Provence, blended with Grenache and Cinsault to make classic Provençal red and rosé wines. Grenache provided the fruit and sugar, Cinsault the charm and floral notes, Carignan the tannin and acidity. Read the rest of Elizabeth’s post on Provençal …

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