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Chez Mirazur French Gastronomie Well-Deserved 3-Stars

Philippe and I knew how to pace ourselves.  We had dined at Mirzaur in 2015 when the restaurant had “only” two Michelin stars.  We’d received the celebratory email in 2019 when the owners shared, with émotion immense, news of their elevation.  Five months later the restaurant was voted the best restaurant in the world in Restaurant’s Top 50.  Mirazur had been climbing through the list for a decade – but there was nothing like being #1.  Suddenly the race was on.  Philippe had managed a table with visitors last year, but a table for two in August was frankly im-poh-SEE-bleh.  Impossible.  This summer is different.  (Isn’t it, though.)  Five weeks ago, when Philippe rang for a réservation on a traditionally popular Sunday lunchtime, the receptionist asked, “Would you prefer 13h15 or 13h45, Monsieur?”

But, Michelin-star dining is not for everyone. Find out whether teenage Lolo managed to make it through 9-courses, including the three desserts. Continue reading here

Restaurant Mirazur
Flanked by the mountains the dining tables in this 1930s-era rotunda are rewarded with stunning views of the Mediterranean. Just minutes from the Italian border, Mirazur opened in 2006 creating a wake of gastronomic recognition since that time. The restaurant received its first Michelin-star in 2007 and the 3rd star in 2019.

“Chef Mauro Colagreco continues to transform his kitchen by drawing inspiration from observing nature and working in his gardens.”

There are four gardens that supply the restaurant with seasonal produce, fresh fruit and herbs. Two of the gardens are located on the restaurant’s property. Guests who are interested in visiting the gardens should mention that when they make their dining reservations.

30, avenue Aristide Briand
06500 Menton
Tel: +33 (0)4 92 41 86 86

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Jemma Hélène

Jemma Hélène

Jemma was born and raised in the US Midwest. A banker by trade, she slogged away at a Swiss investment bank in the UK and South Africa before moving – for decent spaces of time, anyway – to the South of France. At a similar stage, she also moved to the right side of her brain as a writer. She has published articles in Maclean’s, SuperYacht World, and various travel and university presses.

At this point Jemma lives mostly in Canada, but she spends the whole of every summer in the Côte d’Azur town of Antibes. From this seaside town of ramparts, situated midway between Nice and Cannes, she has penned her blog French Lessons since 2007. Each post captures a snapshot of the remarkable, real life of the French Riviera. “Consider these pages my summertime gift to you,” she tells her readers.

When not engrossed in things French, Jemma is - not in any particular order - writing a book, making music, performing motherly duties, expanding sustainable education in places that have less of it, promoting Canadian writing, and travelling off-the-beaten-track: over 90 countries, and counting.

You can reach Jemma through her blog site at French Lessons.

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