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Inside A French Artist’s Home

Contributor blog post by Deborah Bine: Each time I begin a blog post, it seems to start off with “One of my favourite things in France is ….” Sorry about that, but every day, every experience in this wonderful new world of mine seems to be better than the last. …

Summer in Antibes @Jemma
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The European Union Laid Bare by a Spare Part

Contributor blog post by Jemma: If it’s not the WIFI, it’s la climatisation. This summer when we arrived at Bellevue, our home in Antibes, I clicked my heels when the little green checkmark appeared on my iPhone beside the name of our WIFI network. It worked! The WIFI actually worked …

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Back to House-Hunting in Provence

Contributor blog post by Vaucluse Dreamer: We’ve now stopped ranting about what happened last week with the French house purchase and dusted ourselves down a bit. We’re still very disappointed with what the Agents described as process that was far from ‘correcte’ on the part of the vendor, but as we …

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How to Avoid Buying the Wrong House in Provence

By Sophia van Woensel-Mose We all know that house hunting is an emotional experience and that the majority of house buying decisions is made on first impressions alone. Most of my clients will say that a house must “feel right”. There’s nothing wrong with listening to your instinct, as long …