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Gout et Voyage Musings on “le menu” in Provence

It’s common knowledge that the French are proud of their food. One might even venture to say that they are food obsessed. The proof might be in the fact that many well-used expressions are food related (read 16 idioms that show the French are obsessed with food – Matador Network). …

Envie Epicurieuse
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Social Climbing: Envie Epicurieuse Wine Event is June 4

Contributor blog post by Julie Mautner: Sunday June 4 is the 6th annual Envie Epicurieuse in Provence, a day of nature, hiking, food, wine and music. My friend Kelly McAuliffe, who’ll be the sommelier for the day, was there last year and says:”It blew my mind…it was so much fun. …

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Pitcher and Powell International Culinary Tours

Originally posted on Ginger and Nutmeg’s food and travel blog: Recently launched, Pitcher and Powell is a travel concept that combines the creative talents and cooking passions of two accomplished ladies. Even their last names work well together! Barbara Pitcher is a Canadian by birth, with an international spirit, she is …