Visit ITER One of Europe’s Largest Nuclear Research Centres

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…at CEA Cadarache which is after all right on our doorstep and with all the debates ongoing about sourcing energy, this is a very thought-provoking and topical visit to make. In 2005, Cadarache was selected to be the site of the International Thermonuclear Experimental Recator (ITER)

…Continue reading here for details on how you can visit this nuclear reactor, a great tour for anyone interested in science – suitable for kids and adults.

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Lynne Alderson

Lynne Alderson

Aixcentric was set up by Lynne Alderson three years ago as a channel to send out info on events taking place around Aix as well as news, relevant books, the latest films, new shops and of course where to eat locally. Why?

According, to Lynne:

"It came about out of frustration with the lack of communication in the town. Posters would suddenly go up about an event that week. No prewarning. I had difficulty too in finding information from many of the tourist offices. Things are slowly getting better and there is sometimes information in English. Hopefully by keeping an eagle eye on the local press and talking with contacts in town, I can publicize fun things that people would otherwise miss. It's a ragbag of info that I come across on my travels. I've published nearly 600 posts now and have lots of followers so hopefully, it is fulfilling its role of helping people, residents and visitors alike, get the most of their time in Aix."

For what is going on in Aix-en-Provence, Lynne has you covered at Aixcentric

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