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The Ties that Bind in Fête de la Musique

Suggested Song: The Ties that Bind, Bruce Springsteen
Suggested Drink: Domain Saint Aix rosé

I’m back in the U.S. for 3 weeks. I always miss home when travelling, but I’m sharing fun times with people I love, mixing in a bit of work that I enjoy, getting my fix of Americana like smoked BBQ and sweet tea and friendly waitresses who say darlin’, and staying in sunny locales with good wine and lively music. No need to reach for the Kleenex just yet.

Continue reading here for details the flow of daily expat life in Aix-en-Provence and how random encounters can create wonderful friendships in Provence.


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Bill Magill

Bill is a reformed Silicon Valley venture investor, now living simply in Aix-en-Provence. He is fascinated with the notions of self-realization and how we flourish; of personal worth as opposed to acquired wealth. Bill’s blog Postcards from a Runaway is a sounding board for the questions we all face when abandoning convention and conformity for a deeper, more meaningful experience. Provence is a perfect setting for this reset and adjustment.

Bill founded the Interprize® Group in 2013 and offers workshops in Provence to accelerate one’s grand life ambitions. The program is modelled on his many years supporting startup activity on 3 continents, as a Wall Street analyst and venture capitalist, and now professor of entrepreneurship at INSEAD. This is coupled with emerging concepts of positive psychology, wellness, and self-realization to enable interpreneurs who are energized, thinking creatively, and piloting their own futures.

Bill has pursued numerous interpreneurial activities since abandoning his core career. In addition to founding the Interprize Group , his first book – Postcards from a Runaway – was published in 2014 and a second album of original music – Last Night at the Ha Ra – was released in 2013.

Bill’s Postcards from a Runaway blog can be found here. His Interprize Group website can be found here and Group Facebook page here

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