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A Year in Provence 4 Seasons of Flowers and Recipes

When we first arrived in Provence, it was early October. That year delivered a relatively mild start to the month, and I honestly wasn’t focused on the flowers that came later. Cycling under sunny skies in the Camargue, we passed by rice fields that were being harvested and visited the …

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Seeing the year through in the Midi

Our village, like many in southern France, has a semi-permanent population; one of the first questions asked on being introduced is whether or not we are here all year round. A fairly cosmopolitan atmosphere is enjoyed here, particularly throughout the summer months, evident at the annual 14th July celebrations opposite …

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A Year in Provence in Four Acts

Contributor blog post by Bill Magill: We are stardust We are golden And we’ve got to get ourselves Back to the garden Much is written on the merits of eating locally and seasonally. I’m a fan and advocate, and adopting this practice in Provence is easy and immensely pleasurable. The …