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Reinvention in Provence Rebecca Ronane on Her New Book

After many busy years in careers that required extensive travel, Rebecca Ronane and her husband, Alain Poirot, settled in Maubec, a small village in Provence. They relocated to the sunny South of France, from rainy London and Amsterdam. It took them over three years of searching to find a suitable …

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It Takes a Risk Taker to be an Expat in Provence

The Old School Expat The word expat has always made me feel uncomfortable. It conjures up in my mind an old-fashioned view of a person. Someone who takes tea with the best china in their adopted country and then proceeds to whine about their surroundings. I am no doubt generalising, …

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Interview with Rebecca Ronane: Networking and Personal Development in Provence

This article was previously published on the Global Living Magazine website (October 13, 2017). Lavender, grapevines and a Mediterranean climate. Living in Provence sounds nothing short of magical. However, behind the glorious visuals, there are the lives of expats facing day-to-day realities that include jobs, commutes, schools and, for many, …

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Meeting for Women in Provence

Contributor blog post by Aixcentric: Network Provence has been set up for local women to promote their businesses. I attended one of their meetings in Aix back in November and really enjoyed learning about activities being set up. There are so many women who find themselves in Provence and set …

Rebecca Ronane
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Network Provence – Aix Event on Tuesday

Contributor blog post by Aixcentric: There’s a special event being held next week to bring together women from across the area who want to promote their activities, whether they have a business or a club or a blog. Dynamic Rebecca Ronane recently launched Network Provence in order to reach out to …