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Sip and Learn in Virtual Wine School on Instagram

Wine seems to have become a topic that easily provokes insecurity, doubt and confusion. Sommeliers of all persuasions wax poetical, wine critics keep inventing more and more convoluted wine rating schemes. And the more these well-meaning professionals offer advice, the more wine lovers (not wine collectors with sophisticated cellars and …

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Five of the Best: Tips for Making the Most of Rivini

By Chrissie The wait is over! The first edition of Rivini, the International Wine Festival of the Riviera, takes place this weekend at Villa Eva, just across the border in Latte, conveniently located between Menton and Ventimiglia on the Ligurian coast. Explore this Post Via:: The Riviera Grapevine         

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Meet a Master of Wine Elizabeth Gabay

Wine is a subject with simply too many choices and far too many variables for me to feel that I have conquered. However, I certainly can appreciate the dedication, passion and hard work that it takes to become a Master of Wine (MW). So, I am thrilled to introduce Elizabeth …