Sainte Baume Grotto View at a Distance
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Mary Magdalene’s Cave the Sainte Baume Grotto

Easter Sunday Mass was celebrated at ‘La Grotte de Sainte-Baume’ at the weekend to formally re-open the cave of Saint Mary Magdalene after its being closed for 10 months’ work. I hadn’t realized that this is Christianity’s 3rd most holy shrine after Christ in Jerusalem and St Peter in Rome. …

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Pilgrimage Sacred Sites France Largest Black Madonna in the World Saint Jean Cap Ferrat
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Author’s Pilgrimage Discovering Sacred Sites in France

Based in the United States, author Raylene Abbott’s work surrounds spiritual training with mentors from Native American and other sacred backgrounds. Her studies of the Black Madonna began in 1992 and eventually led to a lengthy stay in France where she traced religious pilgrimage routes. In 2014, she discovered her …

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Mary Magdalene Provence Tintoretto public domain
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Mary Magdalene in Provence Legend or Fact

Did Mary Magdalene Live in Provence? A crippled ship bobs helplessly on a storm-tossed sea and those on board face certain death…but then a miracle occurs. Guided by the hand of God, the ship arrives safely on the shores Provence. Out steps Mary Magdalene, ready to spread The Word throughout …

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Mary Magdalene
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Is This the Face of Mary Magdalene?

As most of you living in and around Aix will know, the region has long been associated with Mary Magdalene, the companion of Jesus who, according to legend, was driven out of Palestine during early Christian persecutions. She was expelled together with other saints in a boat without sails which …

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Saintes Maries de la Mer @bfBlogger2015
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Saintes-Maries-De-La-Mer Who Knew?

Planning a visit to the Camargue to see the white horses? Here’s another stop to add to your list. What I love about living in France is not only the opportunity to travel in this fabulous country but also the chance to re-learn history. What I never expected, though, was …

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Sacred Site St Baume @MirabeauWine
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Sacred site of Sainte-Baume

Contributor blog post by Victoria Koning @MirabeauWine: With its mythical and ancient forest, the sacred site of Sainte-Baume is one of the oldest religious sites in the Western world. According to the ancient Greeks, Romans and Ligurians, it was inhabited by the goddess of fertility. It is believed that Mary …

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Sainte Baume Grotto #MaryMagdalene #Provence @GingerandNutmeg
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Sainte Baume Grotto and Mary Magdalene in Provence

Grotto on a Hillside Nutmeg got a little lost on her way to this hike. Given the religious significance of the location, maybe she was not the first lost soul during the long history of the Sainte Baume grotto. The grotto is located inside a natural cave high on the …

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