Vintage Steam Train Trip
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Take the Vintage Steam Train Day Trip in the Southern Alps

Since I love trains and train travel, we took a day and rode the vintage steam train last summer. The Train de Pignes à Vapeur runs from Puget-Théniers in the Alpes Maritimes to the charming village of Annot in the Alpes de Haute Provence. Bygone Era As a young American …

Musee Provencal des Transports Gare de la Barque – 13710 Fuveau
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For Steam Train Enthusiasts in Provence

Contributor blog post by Aixcentric: Have you heard of ‘Les Vaporistes Amateurs de Provence’? They are holding mini-steam train rides and showing other model trains on Sunday 15th November, 14:30-17:30 at the Musée Provençal des Transports Gare de la Barque – 13710 Fuveau. There will be similar events on the …