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Olive Trees in Provence

Contributor blog post by Mirabeau Wine: The Spanish introduced Olea europaea to the Mediterranean basin in 8000 B.C. The longevity of these noble trees is legendary at thousands of years. Olive oil production dates back to the Bronze age. With a maximum height of 15 metres, olive trees have got …

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The Olive Groves of Provence

Olive groves are found in abundance in Provence, as the climate is similar to other growing areas around the Mediterranean (Greece, Spain, Israel, Syria, Italy etc..). Records confirm that olives have been produced in several middle east countries since prehistoric times. By 2000 BC, there are references to a form …

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Olive Tree Care

Contributor blog post by Ashley Tinker: Here is a guide on how to take care of that irresistible little olive tree you bought to diversify your garden (if you weren’t travelling by plane that is). You may look at those little trees and think that ‘Oliviers’ won’t grow where you …