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Experience the Art of Travel in Provence

Art and Travel

I have always looked at my travels and lifetime of memories as the basis for artistic expression. Travel is similar to the process of creating a work of art with layers of imagery and experiences.

Experience Art Travelling Provence Fall Colors of Provence

My travel excursions have inspired me to create a new life or artistic direction, and I am never disappointed. When I visit a destination, it creates a new experience layer and that place is embedded in my memory. As I travel to a specific location, the colours, smells, sounds, visual beauty and patinas impact my point of view. I relate to the present experience with the historical story of the place whispering in my ear.

Village House Provence Art Travels

My Artistic Inspiration

These travel memories have manifested in my body of art throughout my career. It is not uncommon for the idea for new art series to surface years later. The memories have shown up in paintings, woodblock prints and etchings. These images in my artwork directly influenced by travel imagery. Examples include my palettes and paintings reflecting the texture of the stone in this village house, and the colours of the shutters. The pattern of the cobblestones in this Avignon courtyard, the wrought iron gates and the orange of the tree have also repeated in my work.

Experience Art Travelling Provence Avignon Courtyard

Often a travel experience transports me back to my art studies and connects me to the world and its people. These connections are the most significant result of my beloved wanderlust, and I am forever grateful for the opportunity.

My French Cottage

Travel in Provence

Booking now for the fall! Consider joining Ken Jourdan and myself in France to begin an art-filled adventure. During the Provence from an artists’ point of view tour, we enjoy shared experiences of these wonderful places with like-minded individuals. Join us to create your own stories and memories.

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Marti Schmidt

Marti Schmidt

Marti Schmidt is a seasoned traveller and an artist for over 30 years. Let her be your guide through one of the most beautiful parts of Southern France. Marti’s knowledge and love of the Provence region and beyond has developed over the years, and now she has curated the “Provence from and Artists's Point of View Tour,” exclusively as an intimate look her favourite inspirational art locations in the South of France. Some of these are famous out-of-the-way sites, including artists studios, cities, villages, museums and galleries in a region rich with history, art, architecture, culture and lifestyle.

Discover Marti's art on her website website MartiSchmidt.com, and her travel writing on L’Artiste Carte Postale and Ink On My Hands.

Learn more about her tours here.

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