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Provencal Lavender – off the beaten track

When the lavender is harvested in Provence at the end of July, a heavenly scent is carried on warm evening breezes. Alerted by the first wafts of perfumed air, from our terrace we can sometimes see the smoke rising from the other side of a small ridge. The distillation has …

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The Perfume and Candles of Provence

Contributor blog post by Ginger and Nutmeg: Does that sound romantic? Actually, Ginger was away in Canada and Nutmeg was certain that he had zero interest in visiting the Provence perfume distillery le Musée des Arômes or candle maker at the Ciergerie de l’abbaye des Prémontrés. The aroma museum is located in …

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The Purple Beauty of Provence: Lavender

Lavender is the purple beauty of Provence; it is a big industry in France and key to essential oil production. Tourists and locals flock to see the fields in full blooming glory. The timeframe changes annually depending on weather, but typically some fields are ready by late June, and the harvest …

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Manguin Perfecting the Art of Distillation

Contributor blog post by Ginger and Nutmeg: The fruit is put into jail in May when the Manguin Distillery imprisons roughly 1400 pears in glass bottles in their orchard. Nutmeg had to see for herself how the new owners at this distillery were re-crafting a traditional industry into more of …

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Lavender Harvest in Provence

Contributor blog post by Lost in Provence: Perhaps nothing says Provence more than vast fields of fragrant purple lavender. But like everything in this land of rich agriculture, lavender is more than just a backdrop for beautiful photos. Lost in Provence set out to learn more about lavender’s history, how …

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Lavender in Provence A Distillery Worth Visiting

By Philippe Goninet Located about 10mn drive from Apt, on a very scenic road (bendy as I like them), the distillerie des Agnels is a family operated essential oil extraction farm. When I arrived yesterday I was greeted by Ginger (she’s the 5th generation in the Agnels family and the …