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Guides to Discovering Secret Provence and the French Riviera

Local Author and Guide

Jean-Pierre Cassely is a recognizable public figure in Provence and beyond. Cassely worked for France 3 television for a decade and currently has a daily France-Bleu Provence radio slot called Provence Insolite (Unusual Provence). More recently, Jean-Pierre Cassely collected curious landmarks in two guidebooks Secret Provence and Secret French Riviera.

Secret French Riviera

Born in Marseille, Cassely now calls the seaside town of Cassis home. Passionate about the region and its history, he is an accredited Guide-Conférencier. Over many years Cassely collected a long list of unusual anecdotes which he shares during guided walking tours. The discovery walks take place in Aix-en-Provence, Cassis, Le Castellet, Marseille, Sanary, and Toulon.

Atypical Guidebooks

Designed for anyone who has an interest in exploring beyond the well-known sites, the books were published by Jonglez Publishing. The benefit of technology and social media is the ease of access to information on frequented historical sites. The flip side is there is little surprise factor when you finally visit one of these places. Secret Provence and Secret French Riviera bring back the magic of travel and the pleasure of discovery.

The books begin with a map that visually outlines the sub-sections contained within the pages. A detailed table of contents follows with a list of the secrets that Cassely highlights in the text.

Secret Provence

Chose a section in Secret Provence such as Marseille to Toulon or Around L’Étang de Berre and Salon-de-Provence and then venture out on a discovery mission. The years of research and careful fact-checking are evident as each site includes a short write-up, often a photo, location details and other pertinent information. Additionally, there are detailed sub-maps with the points of interest indicated along with page numbers. For those who want even more information, there are bibliographical references along with historical highlights in salmon-coloured sections.

Statue of Liberty Guides Discovering Secret Provence

Statue of Liberty at Saint-Cyr-sur-Mer. This version (2.5m high) served as a model for the one in NYC.

Guides Discovering Secret Provence Sentier des Planètes Path of the Planets Walk Rocbaron

Sentier des Planètes – the Path of the Planets in Rocbaron. Discover the solar system over a 42 km trail.

Camargue Cross croix gardiene Guides Discovering Secret Provence

Croix Gardiane or Croix de Camargue symbol of faith, hope and charity.

St Rèmy de Provence towers of Strength Guides Discovering Secret Provence

Located St-Rèmy-de-Provence the Saint-Jean tower was one of three used to transmit power to the nearby mills.

Secret French Riviera

Highlighting the territory from Menton, on the Italian border, to the city of Hyères, Secret French Riviera covers the length of the coastline and “must-sees” found inland. Additional reference information in this book is in light-blue highlighted sections.

Saint-Roch Fort Guidebook Secret French Riviera

Built in 1932, Saint-Roch Fort in Sospel this underground “town” served as part of the Maginot Line.

Sundial Guidebook Secret French Riviera

During restoration work on Saint Michael’s Basilica in Menton, the crew made a discovery of this large sundial.

Mining School Sundial at Sophia-Antipolis

The mining school sundial at Sophia-Antipolis was the result of a design competition in 1980.

aerial well Guidebook Secret French Riviera

This aerial well is located in Trans near Draguignan.

Who is the Audience?

These two books are indispensable reference guides for anyone who wants to travel off the well-trodden path. Want to discover something new in Provence? Secret Provence and Secret French Riviera provide endless possibilities. The books are ideal for anyone in the region who wants ideas for unusual day trips. Finally, for the armchair traveller, the books deliver in-depth reading on local history, curious customs and Provence Insolite.

The information in the books is updated every three (3) years, so you are sure to have current hours of operations, addresses and other key information.


Image credits: All photos provided by and published with the permission of Jonglez Publishing


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