Pink Praline Tart Lyon tarte aux pralines roses
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Pretty in Pink Praline Tart a Dessert from Lyon for Valentines

A little more than a year ago, I had a nice e-chat with my friend Romain, who writes The Food Trotter. He had just moved from Paris to Lyon and told me of some of the local specialities, one being the iconic Lyonnaise Tarte aux Prâlines Roses (Pink Praline Tart). …

Pink Praline Brioche à la praline
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Pretty in Pink Praline Brioche à la Praline Recipe

Brioche à la Praline is a sweet treat from the gourmet city of Lyon. The recipe from the Mirabeau Wine kitchen is festive, perfect for guests or for that special someone. Don’t forget the rosé!

Pink Pralines are pink sugar-coated almonds, and a specialty from the city of Lyon, also known as the French capital of gastronomy.