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“Where To” In Saint Rémy de Provence: #2

Contributor blog post by Vicki Archer:

The most important “where to” in Saint Rémy de Provence is the most difficult to answer.

Where to eat? The question everyone wants to know other than, “where to stay”.

It doesn’t matter how familiar a place is, restaurants are a tough one to call. I don’t like recommending them because one …Continue reading here for a few of Vicki’s picks for eating out in St Remy. Find out where to get coconut ice cream that will “change your life,” more wine than you can consume by the glass and the best pizza in town. Find out why Vicki thinks “It’s a foodie’s paradise.”

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Vicki Archer

Vicki Archer

I am an Australian writer who lives between London and Saint Rémy de Provence in southern France. I adore everything to do with life in France and especially the olive farm I call home.

Born and raised in Australia, my first overseas trip to Paris at the age of ten sparked a passion for travel and adventure that has never ceased. In the last twenty years I have traveled extensively throughout France and become enamored with the French way of life. My first book, MY FRENCH LIFE, was published in 2006 and FRENCH ESSENCE, the second, in 2009. This blog is for those, like me, who are mad for fashion, interiors and all things French.

One word that sums up Provence….heaven…Provence is about the senses. Indulging in them is the way to discover the beauty of Provence. Basking in the sunshine, wondering at the history, exploring the villages, shopping in the markets, relaxing with a glass of wine and dining in the brasseries.…Sometimes I feel as if life stands still in Provence.

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