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Is Rosé a Serious Wine? Some Thoughts on the Subject

Contributor blog post by Susan Manfull:

“Rosé does not merit serious tasting”

…Such were the recent words of a fellow wine writer, one very knowledgeable about wine, and one whose opinion I respect immensely on general wine-related matters. He did not offer any caveats; his was a broad proclamation that rosé, as a category, is not serious, nor worthy of my attention.

…Continue reading here for Susan’s detailed post on the complexities of rosé wine. In this Provence WineZine article she covers information on the growth of rosé consumption.  Susan talks to wine makers and experts in the field to provide an article with eight (8) points on why she feels rosé is (and should be) considered a serious wine.

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Susan Newman Manfull

Susan Newman Manfull

It was love at first sight when my family and I arrived in the charming village of Lourmarin for a short vacation, nearly 20 years ago. We returned home to Portsmouth, New Hampshire and the next thing I knew we were planning a much longer sojourn in that village and making arrangements to enroll our daughter in the local school there. That led to buying a maison de village— actually two, then a courtyard, a parking spot, and a bergerie— in our favorite Provençal village where we (readily) adopted that certain joie de vivre, established dear friendships, and, to this day, endeavor to blend in with the crowd at Café Gaby.

We no longer own property in Lourmarin, but we continue to hang our hats there frequently and gather fodder for our souls and for The Modern Trobaors and Provence WineZine. There is never a shortage.

The Modern Trobaors , conceived in 2008, is about all things Provence: its markets, hilltop villages, lavender, art, literature, culture, history, food, wine, and news. Provence WineZine, launched in August 2014, focuses on wines from the regions of Provence and the Southern Rhône Valley—with a special emphasis on Provence's world-renowned rosés—and the men and women who make them.


  1. David
    October 1, 2017 at 5:25 pm — Reply

    Any good wine is serious, in my humble opinion. I do get annoyed when a winemaker relies on a cute label rather than the quality of the wine, though!

    • CKAdmin
      October 2, 2017 at 1:39 am — Reply

      I am with you David. The winemakers that we have met are all very dedicated to their profession and the outcome of a year’s worth of careful tending, pruning, surveying, harvesting, blending… Cheers to their serious efforts.

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