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Paspus: A Page Out of History in Provence

Contributor blog post by Susan Guillory:

You hear the term “stepping back in time,” but you can’t truly grasp the meaning until you experience it yourself. I first visited Paspus, a mountain top across from Saorge (and a cool 2400 in elevation), two years ago when my mountain man invited me and my family up for invited me and my family up for a picnic.

…Continue reading here to learn about this unique place in the Alpes Maritimes. At one time it was a stop along a salt trade route. Later on there was a small community of farming families who attempted to grow crops on land that they terraced. Now it is essentially abandoned, but for a few dedicated souls.

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Susan Guillory

Susan Guillory

When Susan Guillory isn't running her marketing company, she's traveling and writing about it on The Unexplorer. She's written several books (business, as well as travel) and has been published on Forbes, Mashable and other sites.

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