146 useful French words related to social media via @AccessRiviera
Learning FrenchRebecca Whitlocke

146 useful French words related to social media

Contributor blog post by Access Riviera: As an active blogger, copy writer and advocate of social media I’m always a bit dubious whether my responses to French companies – especially on Twitter – are grammatically correct. I never have to worry again as recently someone pointed me in the direction …

Provence House #Provence @Provence_Search
Expat Living and Real EstateSophia van Woensel-Mose

How to Avoid Buying the Wrong House in Provence

We all know that house hunting is an emotional experience and that the majority of house buying decisions is made on first impressions alone. Most house hunters will say is that a house must “feel right.” There’s nothing wrong with listening to your instinct, as long as you keep in …

French Language Lessons Blog Antibes
Expat Living and Real EstateJemma - French LessonsLearning French

French: One Language Divided by Two Lingos

Contributor blog post by Jemma: Christelle backed her taxi into Bellevue’s courtyard the other morning and popped out with a bright smile and breezy bonjour. She is, quite blatantly, anything but the typical French taxi driver who lashed out across the international headlines last month. Equally striking is Christelle’s dress …

Alps meet Mediterranean #Provence via @FibiTee
Expat Living and Real EstatePhoebe Thomas

Expat farewells

Contributor blog post by Phoebe Thomas It’s no secret, I love living where I live.  I’ve lived a nomadic life moving country 9 times though sometimes all those other countries seem a very long time ago as I’ve now been in France for nearly 18 years.  But even within France …

Buying a house in Provence #Provence via @Provence_Search
Expat Living and Real EstateSophia van Woensel-Mose

French Property and the Free Search Myth

If you’ve been searching for French property for a while and find the system confusing, then you’re not alone. On the face of it, things in France seem to work the same way as in the UK, Australia, America or Holland. Maybe you contacted an estate agent assuming that they …

Le Duché d'Uzès Uzes @bfblogger2015
Barefoot BloggerExpat Living and Real Estate

Back to Uzes and Breaking All The Rules

By Deborah Bine There are times when the Barefoot Blogger thinks she’s a seasoned international traveler. This trip back to France, however, I broke all the rules. Rule #1 – Wear dark clothes to travel Khaki traveling pants Murphy’s Law says that if you’re traveling, and you eat or drink …

Buyer’s Agent Luberon Village Provence @ProvenceSearch
Expat Living and Real EstateLiving in ProvenceSophia van Woensel-Mose

Provence Property: Why Hire a Buyer’s Agent?

Most foreign house hunters do not realize that they can hire a buyer’s agent in France. They only ever encounter real estate (listing) agencies, either online or on the ground. French estate agents are hired by vendors to find a buyer and get the highest possible price. Vendors usually list …

Rebecca Ronane @RebeccaRONANE
Carolyne Kauser-AbbottLiving in Provence

Rebecca Ronane Coaching Women in Provence

Rebecca Ronane has looked “reinvention” in the face more than once in her lifetime. She has had to refocus her career goals several times; from a one-time dream of acting Rebecca became a travel tour director and an English as a foreign language teacher. Now, Rebecca is helping women redeploy …

Uzes Views @bfblogger2015
Barefoot BloggerExpat Living and Real EstateLiving in Provence

France Bound At Last! Returning the Economy Way

By Deborah After six months away from my home in France, I’m on the way back to Uzes! I’ve had a wonderful time in the U.S. with family and friends; and now it is time to continue my life-changing adventure in the south of France. My dear friend, Geoffrey, is …

Learning French @bfBlogger2013
Barefoot BloggerLearning French

I’m Learning French!

By Deborah The Barefoot Blogger is learning French! For all those ‘doubters’ out there who think the Barefoot Blogger will never learn French, here’s news. After two years living in France, and during a short visit to family in the States, I’m taking French lessons seriously. Seriously. The Rosetta Stone …