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Two New Art Exhibitions in Marseille

Contributor blog post by Aixcentric: December 3rd was the launch of a show of illustrations by the amazingly talented René Gruau who worked for major fashion and style publications during his long and creative life. There was a big expo of his work in London a couple of years ago and …

Painting Uzes Place aux Herbes #Uzes #PlaceauxHerbes @dgnbarker
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Painting Uzès

I’ve been thinking a lot about Uzès recently – walking, looking, taking photographs and looking at photographs. But there’s been more time spent staring at canvases on which I’ve tried to capture something of the essence of the town. From my studio I can see the Duché, the cathedral and …

Jill Steenhuis and Sergio Ruffato exhibits in #AixenProvence
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Jill Steenhuis Exhibits in Aix Annual Show

By aixcentric Every June, there’s a must-visit exhibition in Aix from a talented local family – painter Jill Steenhuis, her sculptor husband Sergio Ruffato plus their son Serge, also a sculptor. Jill paints in an impressionistic style and usually takes her inspiration from Aix, the Sainte-Victoire and the countryside around …

Alfred Lombard #Marseille @RegardsProvence @Aixcentric
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Alfred Lombard in Marseille – Striking Local Colourist

By aixcentric Who is Alfred Lombard? I wondered as I visited the Musée Regards de Provence in Marseille this week. It’s a special experience here in the south of France to discover painters, often local, mainly little-known, who turn out to be really quite thrilling. And Alfred Lombard is one …

Cécile Colombo’s work in #Marseille via @Aixcentric
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Marseille – Art for the Spring

By aixcentric There’s a lovely, fresh, Spring-like exhibition of Cécile Colombo’s work in Marseille at the moment. She is a Gemenos-based artist who uses tissue, fabric, bits of text, inks and paint to make colourful collages. It’s at Galerie Charivari, 7 rue Fontange, Marseille 6, near Notre Dame du Mont. …

Andy Newman artist @bfblogger2013
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French Artists and Friends

By Deborah By now you know that some of the Barefoot Blogger’s favorite people in France are artists. Let me tell you about one that I’ve just met — Andy Newman. It’s really an interesting story of how Andy and I got to know each other. Over the internet. You …

MUCEM in #Marseille @AixCentric
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Dépardon Photography at MUCEM

By aixcentric There seems to be an inexhaustible supply of famous French photographers – it must be a result of living in such a beautifully photogenic country. MUCEM’s current expo show-cases the work of Raymond Dépardon and I found it to be a colourful and stimulating exhibition that made me …

Manolo-J DJ #Provence
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DJ Manolo-J Spinning Tunes in Provence

With both music and Provence thumping through his veins, Manolo-J is a musical brand name to his fans. A true “southerner” Manuel was born in Cavaillon some 25 years ago; he now calls Saint Remy de Provence home.

Thermes Sextius #AixenProvence @PerfectlyProvence
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Discover the Artists and Artistic Side of Aix en Provence

Aix en Provence was founded in 122 BC by the Romans and called Aquas Sextius. The remains of the Roman baths can still be seen today at the entry to the Thermes Sextius, which offers a range of decadent spa treatments.

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Typo Apeloig – Interesting Posters on Show

By aixcentric In parallel with the appearance of Mario Vargas Llosa, the Fete du Livre will be celebrating the work of Philippe Apeloig. ‘Who?’ did I hear you say? Well that was my reaction, but he appears to be a talented and well-known French designer and affichiste. Apeloig had Explore …