Fig Walnut and Lardon Quiche #Figs #Recipe @MirabeauWine
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Mirabeau Recipe: Fig, Walnut and Lardon Quiche

seasonal quiches, as there’s always a nice combination that will work. Figs are lovely with nuts, so you can make a very tasty number with some crushed almonds or walnuts, figs and some lardons

Figs in #Provence #fig @Recipes @PerfProvence
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Fig Recipes for all Seasons

My good friend Carola has the most amazing fig trees in her garden. Twice a year they are laden with fruit and she has become something of an expert in creating new ways of eating this healthy crop. No matter how much you like a fresh fig after a while …

Fig ham #recipe by @MirabeauWine
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Mirabeau Recipe: Roasted Figs with Cheese and Bacon

When you see figs in your local market, or better yet on trees along your way, gather some to make this easy appetizer. The recipe is Italian inspired, but made in Provence

Pumpkin Tian Recipe Courge Provence @PestoPistou
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Pumpkin Tian Recipe – Tian de Courges from Provence

Contributor blog post by Pesto & Pistou: Rather like the Moroccan tagine but without the lid, a tian is an earthenware dish used for baking a simple, local recipe that shares the same name. Tian, the recipe, is an excellent example of rustic provençal cooking using just a few ingredients …

Make Crepes Recipe @ProvenceCook
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How to Make Crepes

Although, crepes are not traditional food from Provence add this easy, versatile recipe from the Provence Gourmet in your “go to list.” If you are in Aix-en-Provence (or any where close by) you can find delicious, handmade crepes made by Delphine at Crepes Cidre et Co. If you are interested …

Duck skewers @TashaPowell
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Harvest in Provence a Recipe with Duck and Figs

This fig and shallot compote is perfect complement for seared duck breast or seared duck tenders.

Tomato Soup au Pistou Recipe @PestoPistou
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Recipe for Tomato Soupe au Pistou

Jackie shares her version of a Provencal classic soupe au pistou. In this variation, there is a heavier dose of tomatoes to give you a summery reminder as winter closes in. According to Jackie, All this tomato growing and preserving couldn’t go by without attempting a few new recipe ideas …

Mediterranean Fish Tian de legumes Vegetables @ProvenceCook
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Recipe Mediterranean Fish with a Vegetable Tian

The Provence Gourmet shares his recipe for a traditional vegetable tian, baked in the oven in a casserole dish (oven to table). He serves this tian with fresh, simply prepared Mediterranean fish. If you are interested in cooking classes and learning some traditional Provencal meals contact Gilles (Provence Gourmet) to …

Peach and Plum Tart #Recipe #Peaches #Plums @MirabeauWine
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French Peach and Plum Tarte with roasted Almonds

Contributor blog post by Isabella Bird @MirabeauWine: This summer I spent 6 weeks working for the Mirabeau gang in Cotignac and I really enjoyed the fresh fruit and vegetables that I could buy every Tuesday on market day. It is a real pleasure to work with the delicious fruits that …

Mini Fig Ricotta cheesecake @MirabeauWine
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Glorious Fresh Figs 3 Recipes

Contributing blog post by Jeany Cronk: I know we are very spoilt here in Provence with fruit trees growing by the roadside and the fruit being pretty much a “libre service” (self-service) for the passer-by. This is certainly true for figs trees, which grow all over the village and most …