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Inntravel 10 Secrets of Authentic Provence

Steve Jack is the Communications Manager for Inntravel a company that has been offering self-guided walking and cycling discoveries of rural Provence for many years. We asked Steve if he would share his favourite spots in Provence with readers. Here, is his guest post on where to discover the secrets …

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Painting Workshops in 2016 in Provence

Contributor blog post by Julie Mautner: Julie, our travel planning expert, has prepared a comprehensive list of trip options for artists looking to expand their painting repertoire to include the region that inspired Cezanne, Van Gogh, Picasso and now so many others. The year ahead looks perfect for painting with Provence-based …

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Perfectly Planned Travel for Bespoke Holidays

Contributor blog post by Nutmeg: Antonia (Toni) Dosik’s memories of her first foreign trip include sandy beaches and seashells. In reality, Mexico was hardly a protracted voyage for a six-year-old kid from Los Angeles, but it was the kickoff for Toni’s travel-centric life. At 13, Toni began plotting her return …

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Having Fun in Provence

Contributor blog post by Philippe Goninet: The season was so busy that I had no chance to post anything and I do apologize. Now I have a bit more of free time I will start posting again and wanted to share with you some of my 2015 moments with the …

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Perfectly Provence Moments by Gout et Voyage

French by birth, a traveler by nature, Martine Bertin-Peterson is a Marketing and Management Professor at a the College of New Jersey. However, once classes wind down for summer Martine ramps up with guided trips to Provence. Read more here about these 8 day bespoke tours of the land that …

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Touring Nice on Two Wheels

Take a stroll along the Promenade des Anglais in Nice and you can be almost guaranteed of a couple things all year long: sun and plenty of people watching. The song Nissa la Bella (Nice the Beautiful) makes lots of sense for this coastal city on the Mediterranean where the …

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Experience Flavours of Provence with Gout et Voyage

Martine Bertin-Peterson tells me she discovered her first grey hair in Provence, while leading a group of twenty 16-18-year-olds during their 6-week stay in the region. Some 30 years and many travel stories later, Provence still holds a gravitational pull for Martine, whose first of five languages is French. Goût …

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New Walking Tours by Context Travel

Contributor blog post by Aixcentric: Context Travel, already operating across Europe, Asia and the Americas, have just added Provence to their list of city-tours. Their difference is that their guides are scholars or specialists: architects, art historians, environmentalists, classicists for instance, thus bringing an academic perspective to the tour. The …

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History in Motion: let the stones talk while you walk

Almost anywhere in Provence a casual glance around oneself will reveal a proliferation of Roman ruins, medieval hilltop fortresses, Renaissance châteaux and Romanesque cathedrals, for this is a  region steeped in history (not to mention myth, legend and folklore). Yet much of that history remains maddeningly elusive for the Anglo-Saxon …

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Aix App – For Walks in the Country

Contributor blog post by Aixcentric: Do you like rambling in the countryside around Aix? Are you interested in the flora and fauna? If so, you might like to try ecoBalade, a recently-launched free app. It’s designed to answer questions like, ‘What is this plant?’, or ‘What kind of a bird …