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Squeaky Clean Savon de Marseille

Contributor blog post by Nutmeg: A mixture of seawater, alkaline solution and fat Documented use as far back as 2800 BC in Ancient Babylon A carved “recipe” found on a stone slab from 2200 BC The Egyptians, Greeks and Romans all used it Cooked for 8 days in a cauldron, …

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The Apt Lavender Festival Lavender Everywhere

Contributor blog post by Vaucluse Dreamer: For the last week Apt has been turning purple. Over the last couple of weeks more and more displays like this lavender-themed one have been appearing in Apt. Not only have the fields around the town been scenting the air with Lavender, but purple bunting has appeared, …

Gamelles d’Ouvrier @CuriousProvence
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Curious Find: The 1950s French Lunchbox

Contributor blog post by Ashley Tinker: Trouvé: Gamelles d’Ouvrier We’ve found this three gamelles (containers used to carry food) at various vide greniers in nearby villages. They are usually sold by older French ladies that can tell you a little of what they used to put into these boxes for …

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Love Provencal Lavender? Try This!

Contributor blog post by Julie Mautner: Game on! The lavender is finally in bloom in Provence and over the next month or so I hope to share with you a couple fun ways you can experience it. Here’s one… Born in Paris, Elsa Lenthal now lives in Les Baux de …

Savon de Marseille #Soap #Marseille #SavondeMarseille @PerfProvence
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Best Savons de Marseille in Provence

Contributor blog post by Philippe Goninet: Since the 17th Century, Marseille has been a leading manufacturer of the soap know as « Savon de Marseille ». In 1688, King Louis XIV established the rules for the production of the savon de Marseille. He required the use of large cauldrons and pure olive …

Savon de Marseille #Soap #Marseille #SavondeMarseille @PerfProvence
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Savon de Marseille a Provencal Tradition

Over 600 years! Talk about a recipe that has stood the test of time. 72% vegetable oil 28% moisture content Small amounts of salt and soda ash A cauldron with the perfect amount of heat Large molds for the appropriate cure time A little Mistral to help with drying Start …

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Aix App – For Walks in the Town

Contributor blog post by Aixcentric: A self-guided walking tour of Aix that takes you to all the best places in town has been created by Carolyne Kauser-Abbott of Edible Heritage. It brings to life the monuments, fountains, buildings of centre ville along with stories of the lives of famous local …

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Visite d’Atelier : Martine Guimet

Contributor blog post by Ashley Tinker: Last week I was welcomed into the atelier of ceramic artist Martine Guimet located in the beautiful hilltop village of St-Saturnin-les-Apt. I must say that I am quite in love with her work. Martine makes plaques, tabletops and sundials out of lava stone from …

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Les ceramiques de Salernes authentic ceramics and terracotta tiles from Provence

Contributor blog post by Jeany Cronk: Salernes, a pretty neighbouring village, located in the sheltered Bresque valley is world famous for it’s authentic terracotta tiles and a lively artisanal community based on traditional ceramics. The area was mainly agricultural, but during the 1800s the discovery of local iron rich clay …

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A Beginner’s Guide to Brocantes in Provence

By Julie Mautner Antiquing is a both a national pastime and competitive sport in France…and Provence is known to have some of the finest antiquing in all the land. But it’s also know to be expensive, unless you know where to go. The great American tradition of the rummage sale, yard sale, …